A new drone for the blogging empire of MVN

Hello, cherished Most Valuable Network readers! I imagine you’re all looking at this name, thinking to your reader selves, “Wait a tic, that’s not Mike… nor is it that Chip fellow… what in the world? Who is this individual? What are they doing writing on a Tigers blog? What kind of a name is ‘Samara’ anyways?” And if you’re an extra special sort of reader, you are perhaps thinking, “Why is this Tigers blog operating without any mention at all of how hot Brandon Inge looks with his socks up?”

I will endeavor to answer your questions (which I have made up in my deranged little mind, but bear with me).

Who is this individual?
You may know me from various other places on the magical interweb as PantheraTigris, Boston Fan in Michigan, the Feline Anarchist, or Sam. I’ve been toiling away in relative internet obscurity over at Blue Cats and Red Sox for quite some time now. I’m a Bostonian who was raised on both Boston and Detroit sports (and the Miami Dolphins as a tertiary football team, don’t ask) and as I currently attend the University of Michigan (any Wolverines in the audience?) I split my time between MA and MI. I’m attempting to get a dual degree in art and zoology (again, don’t ask).

What are they doing writing on a Tigers blog?

Evan, our blogging overlord, asked if I would like to join his campaign to take over the internet and write about the Tigers on the side. As my original site was getting rather cluttered with all the teams I absolutely had to write about, it seemed like a good idea to streamline matters and just put all my Tigers ramblings on a purely Tigers-oriented site. Namely, this one. Evan gets another blogging minion, MVN gets one step closer to world domination, blogging partner Mike (hi Mike! we haven’t talked at all! I’m sure you rock!) gets a break because my insane ramblings mean he doesn’t have to blog so often if he doesn’t want to, you readerfolk get to laugh at my ineptitude, and I get to talk Tigers without worrying about making it interesting for Red Sox fans, like I did on my other site.

Everyone wins!

What kind of a name is ‘Samara’ anyways?

It is my kind of a name. More specifically,

1. A dry, indehiscent, winged, often one-seeded fruit, as of the ash, elm, or maple. [Latin, elm seed]

2. A city of western Russia on the Volga River east-southeast of Moscow. Founded in 1586 as a stronghold to defend river trade and the eastern frontier, it was temporarily the capital of the USSR from 1941 to 1943. From 1935 to 1991 it was known as Kuibyshev. Population: 1,231,653.

3. An omnivorous mammal of simian descent, this species may be positively identified by its Painfully Artsy Glasses and obsession with baseball. A regular migratory pattern may be observed, with summers spent along the Massachusetts coast, the rest of the year this creature resides within the region commonly known as Ann Arbor.

4. A good alternative for parents who want to name their daughter after someone called ‘Sam’ but who do not like the name ‘Samantha’.

Why is this Tigers blog operating without any mention at all of how hot Brandon Inge looks with his socks up?

Kids, I do not know. I can only offer blind conjecture here. It may be that Mike is too firmly heterosexual to gain a proper appreciation of Brandon Inge and his high socks, but I tend to think this is a matter of pure aesthetics, not desire. Rest assured that my presence in this blog will mean discussion of Brandon Inge’s effectiveness in the lead-off slot, his ridiculously powerful arm, his surprising occasional bursts of offensive power, his fantastic bulldogish (Bengal Tigerish?) attitude, the way his OPS numbers so far this year are proving that moving him back out from behind the plate was an excellent idea, and his hot ass.

I reckon that ought to do for introduction. I look forward to talking Tigers with you all, as we get into fights with relief pitchers on the team plane, suffer perplexing injuries, complain about Bobby Higginson, suggest that Paul Quantrill come over and loosen our ‘do rag, and dance a delicate tango with the mystical, long-awaited .500.

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