One of the great mysteries of the world, revealed!

Or, you know, the origin of Nook Logan’s nickname.

As we all know (or as we all should know, because this is clearly one of the best names in Major League baseball), Nook’s real name is Exavier Prente Logan. I had never heard any satisfactory explanation of how he got the nickname ‘Nook’, which is, for the record, pronounced like ‘book’, not ‘nuke’. I heard a radio interview with him before I left Michigan for the summer where the radio fellows were calling him ‘Nuke’ and he had to testily correct them.

But the Detroit Free Press has got a very well-written article on Nook, which includes, among other things, the final word on his nickname.

The nickname? It came from my girlfriend, who had just had a baby when I was pregnant with Nook. She had one of those NUK pacifiers, and when the baby was crying she’d say, ‘You need your NUK, NUK?’ I didn’t want to take that nickname, so when I had Nook, I said, ‘Hey, Nook, Nook.’
— Glenda (Mickey) Logan, Nook’s mother

So there you are, then. That and 42 will unlock the secrets of the universe for you.

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