Tids and Bits.

Well, I didn’t get around to crunching more numbers for the rest of the Tigers pitchers because I ended up spending last night sweating my tail off at Fenway to what was certainly the most sloppily played game I’ve seen in person. Baseball game, anyways. I was at this past Thanksgiving Day Lions/Colts game, and I think that may take the proverbial baked product. Anyways, you can head on over here if you want to read the recap of the Sox game.

I’m looking back at the boxscore for Sunday’s unfortunate loss to the Scaly Wonders, and it doesn’t stop being weird. Four doubles, a home run, and a triple, that last by The Anonymous Jason Smith, rocketing his batting average up over the rocky precipice of .200. The home run was by Omar Infante, whom we should perhaps be calling Omar Infante markII. Vance Wilson and his cool .106 batting average made it into the game, as did Mike Maroth and his .500 batting average. Yeah. They brought Mike Maroth, a starting pitcher, in to pinch hit for Fernando Rodney, because they had run out of position players.

An American League starting pitcher had to be brought in to pinch hit.

Chew on that for a minute.

“I got my butt kicked, that’s what happened,” Bonderman said.

“He just couldn’t correct it,” Trammell said. “We got an old-fashioned you know what.”

A what, Tram? An old-fashioned ass-whupping? No need to mince words, Bondo didn’t… at least, the Mothership recap has him saying [butt], in brackets like that, which means he probably said ‘ass’ in the actual interview, which means, awwwww, Bondo, I want to give you hugs and make it all better! *sniffle*

This definitely had all the earmarks of an anomalous outing, though, so I wouldn’t expect a repeat of it from our own stripey J. Bond. Unfortunately, it probably will have some bearing on that whole, y’know, All Star thing, which is a damn shame, because the bloody thing is IN DETROIT, and there bloody well ought to be a couple of Detroit starters on the team. But I am only one person, I can only stuff the ballot for Pudge and Carlos Guillen and Brandon Inge so many times on my own.

Billfer, because he is a mad genius and also nice, sent me a spreadsheet of pitching data, including the AL leaders in BpB. Tonight’s target, Mark Buehrle, topped the list, probably to no one’s surprise. What’s scary is that of the top 5, three are in the AL Central (Buehrle, Garland-of-spring-roses, and Santana… the other two are Halladay and the Fat Colon). Of the top 20 pitchers in BpB, 12 are from the AL Central (the aforementioned 3, plus, in order, Gator, JJ, Westbrook, CC, Silva, Freddy Garcia, Cliff Lee, Bondo, and EMMM), which, uh, woah.

Oh yeah, and there’s a new Tigers blog doing the rounds. Bless You Boys, the SportsBlogs answer to the vocal demands of baseball fans. We want Tigers blogs! More Tigers blogs! Ha ha, no, seriously, I think there were three of us wanting these guys to finally pick up a goddamn Tigers blog. It is not fair. There are hundreds of Red Sox blogs, hundreds of Cubs blogs, hundreds of Mets blogs, and Tigers blogs? There are what, 5 of us?

We have 4 starting pitchers in the top 20 AL pitchers in pitching efficiency! We have Pudge Rodriguez, the best catcher in baseball since maybe ever! We have Carlos Guillen, who despite being injured for some time is still one of the best shortstops in the game! We have Dmitri Young, who always keeps things interesting by tormenting opposing teams! We have The Farns, who could flip out and smash a dugout fan at any moment! We have Brandon Inge and his high socks! Where is the love, internet community? Where is the love??


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  1. billfer… wow. how? send me, please please?

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