What it’s like in my house

My dad, having just had a look at the Tigers boxscore: “Honey, Troy Percival did a very bad thing.”

Me: “I know. I saw.”

My dad: “That doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. Just that he’s a bad pitcher. For tonight.”

*we both think about it for a minute*

Me: “No, it might mean that he’s a bad person.”

My dad: “Yes, yes, it might.”

Tigers fans, guys. I think we’re all like this.


4 responses to “What it’s like in my house

  1. You know who might be a bad person? Jonny Gomes. Walking while watching his home run (only his seventh, by the way – he ain’t no Barry Bonds), and then throwing his helmet before touching home plate? Dude’s gonna get a pitch right in the back tomorrow. I’m not a fan of ‘beanball,’ but I think Gomes needs to be smacked – even if he DID crush that ball off Percival.

  2. Ah, OK, see, I didn’t see that. All we saw was the boxscore. In this case, I hope he gets drilled. And then Maroth drills McClelland real quick before he can get tossed. :-)

  3. Yeah. So close to being at .500 at the break… that’s a nearly impossible one to live down. I thought getting rid of Urbina would allow me to retire the 9th inning tums. Not so much.

  4. IMHO when you hit a ball that far you should be able to walk a little.

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