3 hits, 1 ER over 8 innings pitched.

You see that title?

Jeremy Bonderman, my feline-loving friends. Jeremy Bonderman.

Also, anyone else notice how fired up the rest of the team gets when Bondo’s on the mound? It’s like his mere presence whips them into a frenzy of run support. Seriously… three of our five starters have an ERA lower than Bondo’s, but no one has anything close to his number of wins. If we count out Douglass, who is after all as yet just cutting his teeth on the rubber, you still have the incontrovertible fact that JJ has a 3.84 ERA with a 6-7 record, and Nate has a 3.28 ERA with a 4-7 record.

Bondo has a 4.05 ERA with a 12-6 record.

It seems like the Tigs themselves know it too. Remember when DaMeat hit those three home runs on Opening Day? After the game he said something along the lines of, “I saw Bondo out there, man, and I just wanted to win it for him.” Tonight Rondell said something similar.

“He’ll get 20 [wins] this year,” White said of the staff ace. “We’ll make sure of it. We’re going to score for him every time.”
official MLB Tigers recap

Normally I would chalk run support like this, so strongly attached to one pitcher, to a freak of chance, but this is getting silly. And it’s hard to keep from thinking that there’s something more going on when the other players themselves practically announce it. I don’t know if they get all fired up seeing the embodied future of the franchise on the mound, or if Bondo is an extra-cool guy that everyone likes a lot, or what, but there’s got to be SOMEthing.

I’d also like to bring your attention to the fact that Magglio Ordonez, fresh off his long stint on the DL, was batting .182 on July 6. It is now July 20, and he is batting .300. He has raised his batting average .118 points over only 14 days.

The words you’re looking for are “holy freakin’ cats”.

Fun with small sample sizes: Craig Dingman currently has a 0.00 ERA. Over two games. He also brings the grand total of Tigers Currently on the 25-Man Roster Who Were Born in Wichita up to 3. He joins the illustrious Kansasian ranks of Kyle Farnsworth and Nate Robertson.

Oh and by the by, someone needs to give Brandon Inge a good solid kick in the pants. He’s better than this.


One response to “3 hits, 1 ER over 8 innings pitched.

  1. I’d like to see some of the Tigers beat writers look into this too. I think there’s definitely something to be said for competitive juices flowing when you think you have a much better chance to win. Bondo obviously fires the guys up and makes them feel as if they can win.
    And this is making me rethink the pros and cons of whether the Tigers should go after someone like A.J. Burnett. I don’t think it’ll happen (this season, anyway), and I certainly don’t think you give up top prospects for him, but what if the Tigers got fired up for, say, more than one pitcher a week?

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