Not to say I TOLD YOU SO or anything…

But can we please, please, please leave Justin Verlander down in the minors until he gets his curveball working properly and regularly? I wasn’t a fan of this ‘bring him up to the majors for the sheer unadulterated heck of it’ policy to begin with, and now I REALLY don’t want to see him come up again just so we can realize one more time that his fastball is great but that doesn’t mean tiddlywinks up here unless he’s got some great offspeed stuff to go with it.

I’m as big a Verlander nut as you’ll find, but for the love of Paws, the kid’s still developing. Just because it worked (sort of, ignoring 2003) for Jeremy Bonderman does not mean it will work for anyone else, ever, because Jeremy Bonderman is better than most everyone in the history of ever and if you say otherwise I will challenge you to a Blogger Death Match.

The fact that Pudge is hitting as well as he is, and the fact that he’s still catching, with what basically amounts to two broken hands… further proof of why we should love him to little tiny PudgeBits.

My instinct would be to say that Granderson can’t keep this production up and that he’s going to come back down to earth, but then again I initially thought that about Chris Shelton, and he has yet to stop hitting. Seriously, Shelton is probably the most underrated batter in baseball at this moment, and that’s probably because most people haven’t even heard of him before. I think we need to do something to get him more recognition. Perhaps make a stencil of his face and spraypaint it all over major cities. It will both confuse and delight.

Oh yes, and you know, we just won two series with the two best teams in our division. Just in case you, like, forgot.



3 responses to “Not to say I TOLD YOU SO or anything…

  1. 1. It must be a sign that the Tigers are getting better, when they win those two series, as you mentioned, yet I lament that they should’ve won 7 of those 8 games.
    2. I think Shelton’s going to win a batting title someday, though he doesn’t have the speed to beat out infield hits. Red Pop just mashes the ball.
    3. I’m with you about Verlander. Let’s not see him until September call-ups. (Though I don’t know how you feel about that.)

  2. I don’t even really want him there at the call-ups, I’d rather they let him work through the minors all season. But what the hell do I know, eh?

  3. Hey Sam,
    Photos from two Tigers games this weekend…

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