Dancing with .500 again.

If it was possible for a baseball team to split your brain in half, it would be happenin’ Detroit. Diving right back into this “we love it, we love it not” dance with .500 is making me just a tiddly wee bit grumpy.

Still, there are bright spots. Magglio took three walks, which isn’t power hitting but is something that makes me Whee Yay Happy! to see. Both the fact that he was seeing the ball well and the fact that he’s perfectly willing to walk on base if he doesn’t get anything he wants to hit fill me with optimism.

Shelton, as usual, was unstoppable, going 2-for-3 with a run scored and two walks on the night. He is now batting .368 but he’s not just hitting for average; the kid is still showing willingness to take a walk (.410 OBP) and good power (.592 SLG). I don’t think there are really adjectives to describe him anymore. It can’t go on like this, but if it does, he could be the best Rule 5er in the history of history itself.

Oh yeah, and we had another Dingman sighting. He’s still got a 0.00 ERA.

Reader Em indicated in the comments of the last post that she took photos at the last couple of home Tigers games. I went to go see. I DIED OF AMAZEMENT AND JEALOUSY AND HOW AWESOME THEY ARE. Seriously, if you are any kind of baseball fan, you need to see these things immediately. So many of them are so good, but here are some of the highlights:

Big Red’s hair and DaMeat looking DIRECTLY AT THE CAMERA! Plus Bondo biting his lip and (I think) JJ looking like a stork in sunglasses. But the best bits are really the sun glinting off of Shelton’s head, and Dmitri’s little semi-smirk.

There are NO WORDS to describe what this photo does to me. Holy CATS girl, are you TRYING TO KILL ME?

Magglio and Infante… this is completely sweet. Compositionally perfect (placement in the frame, the triangle formed by the two players weighting the photo well and offset by the horizontal basepaths in the background, the way the D on Omar’s hat is almost perfectly in the center of the shot), Magglio’s adorable curly hair, and Omar’s expression, which just SLAYS me.

Craig Monroe has awesome eyes. And, again, he’s looking right at the camera. How do you DO that?

Omar Infante again. *whimper*

I’m an art student, I’m allowed to appreciate the artsy shots. Perfect focus.

And because I’m, well, me:

The Farns blatantly adjusting himself!

And then I open my MVN mail to see that Billfer has sent me a few photos from the All Star game red carpet thing, a couple of Sox and Pudge looking hot.

Damn, you guys. Even in the wake of an annoying loss to the M’s, and with the prospect of another Post-AS-Break-JJ start in our immediate future…. Still we can all take some time out to happily ask ourselves, Why are Tigers fans so freaking awesome?

7 responses to “Dancing with .500 again.

  1. Thanks Sam!
    Farns adjusting himself is my desktop wallpaper. Not shitting you. I took about six hundred pics (two games) and just sorta tried to control myself at flickr but hey, I can slap some more up later tonight.
    Didja see the size difference in Kyle and Pudge’s hands in this photo?
    Also, if you can click where it says “see larger” (somewhere near the photos) they look MUCH better.

  2. Ohmigawd. The Farns has big hands!! I THINK YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL ME FOR REAL.
    *stares at computer screen*

  3. Heh. These are *great* photos. These are some nice ones too, taken on Opening Day. In fact, check out of this photographer’s work… the way he photograph’s Detroit makes me want to live there… which is just weird. :)
    Tonight’s game was great – very happy to see JJ get a win because the guy really hasn’t been able to catch many breaks this year despite some great outings. So nice to see my Tigers in the flesh, and tomorrow I get to see Polanco’s big head live! So excited!

  4. Tiger fans need lithium IVs to survive these bi-polar games. Were on the cusp of either beginning to prosper or sinking back into oblivion it seems. I thought it was pleasingly ironic that Dmitri’s homer landed just below the Beef Jerky sign as his lumbering, beer league frame circled the bases. Maybe he should take that as some kind of synchronistic sign to shed a few pounds? And I love that smirk for the cameras too! :)

  5. I think it is important to reiterate that Kyle Farnsworth is to be called Superman.
    Sincerely Dmitri

  6. Want to live in Detroit? What does this mean? Heh. Hope Plonkers’ big head was well worth it, Kristina!
    Bert, that is a truly beautiful image. And we’re pretty much ALWAYS going to be right on that cusp, I’m starting to think. Win one, lose one, win one, lose one. Argh.
    Billfer: word.

  7. Took a day or two, sorry…stuck another batch of photos up for you here:

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