this is where a title would go if it wasn’t 3 am and i could think of one

I’ve got a guest article up at Firebrand of the AL, which obviously everyone and their small dog should go see. It’s a small but scientific study of who would be better for the Red Sox at second base: Mark Bellhorn, Tony Graffanino, or a Dead Sea Lamprey. Fascinating stuff.

Mario Impemba has a bet going with one of the Brewers broadcasters. If the Tigers win more games this year, Mario wins some beer. If the Brewers win more games, Mario has to fork over some Little Ceasers pizzas. With Crazy Bread. If our boys didn’t have incentive to win before, they surely do now. WIN OUR FANTASTICALLY GOATEED TELEVISION ANNOUNCER THAT ALCOHOLIC BOUNTY, CATS.

The much anticipated (by me) Detroit/Oakland series begins. I never ever ever forgave Oakland for how they sent Jeremy Bonderman out (Steve Schott’s comments about how he didn’t want a guy on his team who ‘couldn’t read or write’… IT’S CALLED DYSLEXIA, YA BUM), and there’s always a sense of the snubbed girl showing up at the class reunion really hot and dangling a rich, handsome guy on her arm when Bondo gets to pitch against the A’s now. Only I don’t think Bondo would look very hot as a girl. He’ll take on Kirk ‘Master of Vowels’ Saarloos on Sunday, so get your Tiger-watchin’ pants ready.

Rich Harden tomorrow (er, later today), though. Bondo is allegedly pretty good friends with him… used to room with him, even. Which is cool, because right there you have what are quite possibly my two favorite pitchers in the whole of Major League Baseball. Well, and The Farns, obviously. Along with Jason Marquis. And John Grabow. Don’t ask.

I admit I was surprised they sent Granderson back down, but the reasoning makes sense to me. It is, in the end, the least disruptive move, and regular ABs probably won’t hurt the kid. Still, it’s sad to see him go before he really had a chance to get in stride and show his full range of potential.

I would rather see us trade away Rondell White than Dmitri Young, and I would rather see us trade JJ than Mike Maroth or Nate Robertson, although, duh. I waver on who I’d rather see go between EMMM and Nate depending on the phase of the moon, the dewpoint, and whether my cat cleans his left or right foot first on any given day.

Em has more photos up, which you need to go see, because every single one of Brandon Inge makes me giggle like a tiny little girl in glee. And because Em is apparently a benevolent soul, there are many photos of Brandon Inge. Goin’ for the goods! Where the dickens is his glove in that photo?

How absolutely fantastic is it that Chris Shelton’s full name is Christopher Bob Shelton? Not Christopher Robert. Bob. That’s his actual middle name. Oh Utah, you crazy state, the people you produce.


3 responses to “this is where a title would go if it wasn’t 3 am and i could think of one

  1. Matt, I figured it had to be something like that… still, that means his dad’s name was Bob-just-Bob, intead of Robert, which is still pretty awesome.
    Brian, you sort of have to make them. You pick a series of nice comfy pants, and you wear them in rotation until you find one pair that, when worn during Tigers games, causes Mike Maroth to throw strikes and Dmitri Young to hit homeruns. Then you declare them your Tiger-watchin’ pants, and freak out all your friends.

  2. Actually his fathers name is Bob. Hence the less proper name.

  3. I do not have any Tiger-watching pants. Where do I acquire them?

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