Because I mean you know Roman Colon was doing awesome against National League batters and all… oh wait, make that a 5.28 ERA, which I’m sure will improve against American League batters because they’re, you know, so much weaker than their NL counterparts.

And hey, power arms are good to have. Because it’s not like The Farns was a power arm or anything.


ETA: Why does this feel like us giving up on the Wild Card? Why? I mean, will I still be pretty psyched if we attain the mythical .500 by the end of the season? Yes. Do I really think we should be giving up on the Wild Card just yet, especially with the Twinkies divebombing? Call me nuts, but no. This feels like management giving up, though. I know The Farns was gone after this year most likely, but if you want to win this year you keep him for this year.

I don’t know. I’m probably more upset about this than I should be. Who will protect Carlos when he is hit in the head? Who will be our enforcer? Who will make Dmitri giggle and say ‘Superman’? Aargh. Goddamn stinky baseball.

Oh yeah and thanks, Dugout, this really helps me to not, you know, miss the hell out of him already. Man. Upset.

*kicks a metal fan*


10 responses to “NO NO NO WHY

  1. Probably of little consolation, Samela, but after reading the links on Billfer’s blog, I feel a little better after reading some Braves fans fretting about the trade too. Sounds like they liked the guys Atlanta gave up.


  3. Yowch. It’s like you just piledrove me into the floor. And it hurt, because my sister has that hard tile in her kitchen. (Sis is disappointed as well, though she lives closer to Atlanta, so it works out for her in the end.)
    After sleeping on it, I’m less rational about the trade. It DOES feel like a white flag was raised (even though the Tigers’ Wild Card chances were slim, at best). Plus, you just hate to see one of the Tigers’ best players sent packing. But hey, I hated the Jeff Weaver trade when it was made, for the same reason. I hope this one works out just as well.
    Sure sounds like Farns was bolting after the season, though. And probably to the Braves. Search your feelings, young Samela. DD ultimately probably did the right thing.

  4. from theo’s comments yesterday, it seemed the market was commanding a high price for sell-offs. I weep for you, sam, regarding the farns, but I bet the tigers cleaned up on this deal. yeah, it probably IS giving up on the season, but that may have been a smart choice in this market. Hey, whenever you can sell a carton of milk off for $100, it’s worth considering don’t you think?
    still, I shall miss reading about the farns from you. why am I reading a tigers blog anyway?

  5. I know Ian, god, I just keep telling myself ‘Jeff Weaver trade, Jeff Weaver trade’. And Bondo was a PTBNL in a trade, so sometimes even sucky trades end up great for us. It’s just, WOE, PAIN, ETC.
    Rebecca, we didn’t get much. And we especially didn’t get much that can impact the team this year, which is why it seems like such a ‘giving up’ kind of move. It’s not like we picked up Hanley Ramirez-type prospects or anything.
    And you’re reading a Tigers blog because in your secret heart of hearts you looooooooove them. Admit it! Admit the love! And now I’m just going to have to extol the hotness of Brandon Inge’s ass that much more. Sigh.

  6. If it wasn’t that much, theo would’ve gotten in on the deal. and then you would still have the farns. but theo was not even rumored to be in on this deal, which means the tigers were asking for more for farns than he was worth. But I would agree, this is future goods.
    I have owned a tigers hat for over ten years. It was given to me, and not for baseball-related reasons. Maybe, for this, I am sentimentally partial to the tigers.
    mostly, however, I think it’s because you crack me up.

  7. They weren’t actively shopping The Farns… it was more a trade just sort of springing up on them, and them agreeing to it because they pretty much knew they weren’t resigning him when he contract was up at the end of the year anyhow. I don’t think they were really looking to move him until Atlanta came asking. So there’s no reason to think that Theo would have gotten in on it at all. And thus, we got screwed for prospects.
    Well, yay. If a randomly-given hat and my deranged writing can get a Red Sox fan into the Tigers, there is something right with the world. We need more Tigers fans.

  8. Sam,
    Have you been listening to Gladys Knight and Pipps all day today. I can just picture it…
    “And I’ll be with him (I know you will)
    On that midnight train to Georgia (Leaving on that midnight train, woo-woo)
    I’d rather live in his world
    Than live without him…in mine”

  9. On the Farns and the Sox: Well. The Farns *is* going to be a free agent. And who knows what our bullpen will look like by the end of the season? So. I’m just going to sit over here and hope quietly for the next few months.

  10. Oh, sure Billfer, mock my pain.
    Cathryn, if only we should be so lucky….

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