I’m not calm, but I’m calmER.

Well, first off we signed Plonkers to a 4-year deal. I’m OK with it. Seems a reasonable length given his age (29), we just have to hope he can stay healthy for the duration which, with our luck, he won’t be able to do. But if he does buck the luck, we’ve got ourselves a second baseman with a quality glove and a bat that has the ability to be pretty damn solid. I say Omar as supersub on the tigerstriped bench. Everyone gets down on him, but he’s just a wee stripling. Not everyone is going to be Jeff Francoeur coming up, OK? I think if we hold onto Omar he’s got lots of upside.

Ha ha, I used the word ‘upside’. That means I don’t know nothin’ ’bout nothin’ and am throwing out the fuzzy old baseball cliches. YOU LOVE IT.

I’m marginally less bitter about the Farnsworth trade. Marginally. It sounds like most Braves fans are upset about losing Colon and they keep talking about how special and potential-ridden he is… well, maybe. I still say the dude is going to be 26 in a couple of weeks, if he’s got wicked awesome potential he should have something to show for it by now.

I do understand that The Farns was seemingly intent on testing free agency at the end of this year, since he hasn’t done so yet in his career and seems enamored with the idea of “having the ball in his own court” for once. It doesn’t sound like he was down on Detroit, though, so who knows, maybe he’ll be back once he realizes they probably won’t use him as a closer at all in Atlanta. I do understand the value of getting prospects for him now instead of not much of anything when he walked at the end of the year. This still smacks of giving up on the season to me.

Now rumors are flying rampant… The Farns and his agent weren’t on the same page and The Farns didn’t necessarily want to leave Detroit; The Farns was angling to go to Atlanta all year long; Pudge thinks management is giving up and wants off the team; Trammell’s done after this year; Bobby Higginson eats babies; the moon is made of cheese; Jason Johnson is having a sex change operation. Rumors are rumors, trust me kids. I’m from the Boston media market. I know all about an entire region getting hysterical over a rumor that turns out to be nothing more than the chatterings of a guy who sometimes works in the park and is bragging to his friends.

Except the bit about Higgy is totally true. I mean, duh.

Billfer has done a good thing for the internet. He has found and is sharing with us a clip of Trammaker making a cameo appearance on Magnum PI. Dead hilarous, and so cute. It’s kind of a big download, if you’re in the stone ages of dialup, but it should be OK for everyone else and everyone should try to see it, like, NOW.

Tram’s cute but, not to put too fine a point on it or anything…. Whitaker? Oh man. He was hot in his heyday.

I missed DINGMAN WATCH in my agony the other day… he’s no longer unhittable. His ERA is now a cool 1.00. It’ll be interesting to see if he can live comfortably around there or if this is the start of a sad slide back to his career level of 7.74.

In the department of things that make me a sad, sad blogger:


7 responses to “I’m not calm, but I’m calmER.

  1. Wow, quite an acting job there!

  2. Hee hee, no kidding. I want to hug them both for it.

  3. Speaking man-to-man: Farns, those Atlanta duds don’t suit you nearly as well as the Olde English D.

  4. sure, maybe it’s just a rumor, but I don’t blame Pudge for being frustrated. he must’ve been feeling pretty good about his team going into the season… and look where he is now. what’s his contract situation? i hope, no matter how desperate he is to win something, that he never becomes a yankee. I would not be able to stomach that.

  5. Your fashion sense is impeccable, Ian. Wholeheartedly agreed.
    Rebecca, I’m he’s quite frustrated. I think the whole team is. I don’t put much in stock of rumors that he’s demanding off the team until I hear them from more substantial sources, that’s all.

  6. he doesn’t look very happy! we should lead a reconnaisance (sp) mission to save him!

  7. You’re right, he does NOT look happy. Obviously Atlanta is not as fun as Detroit. It is our duty as good baseball fans to go rescue him from that terrible place.
    *puts on rescuin’ cap*

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