44th Round brings the heavy bat, yo!

No he doesn’t. But he still got the game-winning hit last night, which is weird and awesome. It’s nice to see some (any) production out of the catcher’s spot with Pudge all suspended and whatnot.

Also heartening: Rondell hitting well despite his shoulder woes. Are we really all that fired up to get him back in the field? I realize we have a logjam (batjam?) at DH, but come on now, it’s not as though he’s the most powerful arm in the outfield even when he’s 100% healthy. Dmitri’s good night was also pleasant, because I think we’d all love to see him come out of that slump he’d mired himself in. It’s always helpful when the team leaders are, y’know, not just talking about helping the team, but are actually walking the walk (and hitting the ball).

Walker inheriting two runners and stranding them both is another plus. In an ideal world, he’d be a LOOGY. Sadly, this is a world in which Kyle Farnsworth is a Brave, Derek Jeter is beloved, and Aaron Boone is allowed to walk the earth without constantly being flogged by spiked-whip-bearing demons from the fiery pits of Hell– in other words, not an ideal world. The fact that, despite these nonideal usages, Walker has kept his ERA under 3.00 (for now) is a fine thing to contemplate.

Not heartening: Maggs striking out 3 times and not taking a single walk. He’s got to be able to see the ball to hit it, and it just doesn’t look like he was seeing it. Maybe the dome screwed him up. Also not heartening: Inge leaving 6 men on base. Yee-owch.

I utterly despise Scott Schoeneweis, so it was extra-pleasing to see him get the loss.

DINGMAN WATCH: 1.54 ERA. Floating upwards, but if it can hover right around here, I’ll be happy. Still, his career numbers cry out to him… “Craaaaiiiig…. it’s your over-6.00 ERA…. you want me baaaaackkk…..” Resist its siren call, Craig! Lash yourself to the ship’s mast and plug your ears with beeswax if you must, but resist!


One response to “44th Round brings the heavy bat, yo!

  1. Several of us were sitting around on AIM last night, having the following conversation over and over.
    “Vance Wilson? WTF?”
    “I know! Baseball doesn’t make any sense.”
    “I KNOW.”
    “I’m gonna go check the play by play again to make sure I didn’t hallucinate that.”
    “Vance freaking WILSON?”

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