That whisking sound you hear is everything unravelling.

Shelton continued his hitless skid, although he did at least take a walk.

Inge still isn’t hitting.

Our backup catcher, at .143, is batting even worse than their backup catcher, Ken Huckaby, who’s hitting a cool .167.

They committed two errors and we couldn’t make them pay for it.

Their starter was chased an out sooner than ours and we couldn’t make them pay for it.

DINGMAN WATCH is at 2.25, and he gave up the game-winning hit. The allure of his career ERA may be proving too strong.

We don’t really have a closer, Pudge is allegedly sulking, the team is allegedly mad at Pudge. Tram has no control over the clubhouse, and no one is taking any walks.

The Wrong Sox keep on winning.

There are rumors of mass steroid test results lurking in the MLB offices, just waiting to be released, including some ‘big names’, which of course gets everyone buzzing about Pudge again.

I just want to watch baseball, OK? And I’d really like to hit .500. Is that so much to ask for?

edit: Oh fer….

OK, when I came over here as per Evan’s request, he only gave me one real guideline. He knows that my style of baseball writing often tends towards Completely Foulmouthed (remember, kids, born and bred in the Boston area. Baseball and violent swearing go hand in hand in my books), so he asked me to try to tone it down over here. On my other site I obviously continued as always, but over here, could I please, please, please not drop f-bombs all over the place. He knows how I write. He was practically begging. I think I’ve been reasonably (comparatively) good.

But this…


No, really. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that information? How does that even happen on a team? Is Foster (a regular Detroit-area sports journalist who happens to keep a blog, for those who are unfamiliar with the Detroit media [and don’t even get me started on the fact that his blog is ‘presented by the New Bloomfield Ford’]) completely offbase here? Is he blowing this out of proportion? Is he absolutely spot-on?

Seriously, what the fuck are you supposed to do if that’s happening to your team? Are things this bad in the Royals clubhouse? The Devil Rays? Pirates? Mariners?


5 responses to “That whisking sound you hear is everything unravelling.

  1. Cathryn, I know, depressing, right? And man, the steroid thing… I wish they’d just TELL us already, if there are names out there.
    Tamaz, I don’t know about it being all Tram’s fault. At least half the problem is the losing, and Tram does not have complete responsibility for that.
    Ian, he may be reliable, but he’s not really helping himself with that blog. Terry “the truth” Foster? Sensationalistic capitalization of all his headers? I don’t know– I’ve seen more professional-looking blogs hosted on livejournal, fer chrissakes.

  2. That – is depressing and hard to read and makes perfect sense. I was just telling a friend of mine last night that the team has felt different since the trade, and that article tells me exactly what I meant when I said that.
    Of course, I was also telling the same friend that, based on what I’ve observed in Boston, it is best not to trust the sports media any further than you can throw them. After all, they’re in it to sell stories and get readers. (And why can’t the New Bloomfield Ford afford to buy Foster his own damn blog? What are they presenting, exactly? “We spent ten minutes registering at Blogspot!”)
    So I don’t know what make of any of this, and how much to take seriously and how much to apply a grain of salt to, and don’t even get me started on how much the whole steroid thing scares me and not just about Pudge either, so I think instead I’ll sit here and stare out at the dark clouds and worry about Bronson Arroyo’s concert getting rained out. Avoidance rules!

  3. I had hope, now I completly lost it. Its really all Trams fault, the guy cant give up on his team. I thought PUDGE was supposed to be the heart of this team, looks like hes the mouth. This sucks.

  4. I’m probably quite biased, but I think Terry Foster is one of the most reliable reporters in Detroit (despite the fact that he’s been given a decreasingly important role at the Detroit News – which is why he has the blog. And the Ford sponsorship, I imagine, is a way of providing some income until he moves on from Blogger – which he’s about to).
    He doesn’t blow things out of proportion; he just relays what his sources tell him. He was dead-on with the Larry Brown story with the Pistons (reporting that the Pistons had had it with him, and that LB was saying back in November he wanted to leave Detroit). Virtually every time he’s reported something, it was true, so if this is what he’s getting from the Tigers, I think it’s worth believing.

  5. Tamaz, care to explain your theory on how exactly Tram has given up on this team?
    You’re aware, I’m assuming, that the decision to move Farnsworth was made by Dombrowski, not Trammell, right?

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