Oh nuh uh we DI’INT!

Yes we did!

Two out of three against the Red Sox. I don’t think anyone was expecting that. If you tell me you were expecting that, I will call you a liar and will throw tacks at you. Not even Dmitri Young expected that.

Granted, Boston is in the midst of a complete and utter bullpen implosion (they lost 13-4 to the Rally Monkey Angels tonight), but still. Still. Beating down Kansas City, then winning two against Boston, and having that one loss come in extra innings. That’s something we should be able to work with and build on. The Bluebirds are tough, but maybe all we needed was a little winning to make some of the more moronic little clubhouse rifts melt away. We can do this, guys! Vance Wilson’s dream of batting .200 continues! Placido Polanco’s dream of finding a helmet that fits comfortably continues! Carlos Pena’s dream of playing major league baseball continues! The Dream of .500 marches on into the dawn of a new day!
Winning, guys! Winning!

Do you see me not talking about how much Pudge hates life, the universe, and everything, and how we’re doomed for the rest of eternity when it comes to free agents? Do you see me doing that? It’s pretty neat, you should try it sometime!


4 responses to “Oh nuh uh we DI’INT!

  1. I’m aware of the existence of your two blogs, but it’s only on days when the Sox play the Tigers that I realise the ‘split-personality’ aspect to it: “Sox lose again… :-(” / “Tigers win the series!!! :-)”. It’s a very weird experience…

  2. Pudge? Who’s Pudge? Vance Wilson is MY Tiger. Okay, I kid. Sort of. Except not really, because Pudge has been working my nerves lately, and it’s been fun to watch Vance Wilson prove he can get hits once in a while if he gets consistent playing time.
    I still can’t believe we didn’t get swept. I shouldn’t be surprised, because I predicted, in writing, at length, that we would, and when I predict baseball things they never ever happen, but I am anyway. Go Tigers! Ha, I got several people at work yesterday annoyed with me and my Tigers hat. It was great. And then I got someone annoyed today because I had my Red Sox hat on. It was weird.

  3. Iain, you think it’s weird for YOU? If it is possible for baseball to force the development of schizophrenia…
    Cathryn, see, exactly. No one thought it would happen. I’ll bet even the players themselves weren’t expecting to take more than one game, at the outset. I wish this unexpected little boost would quiet some of the grumbling about Tram, but of course it won’t (because of course they’ll probably go right back to losing again, but STILL).

  4. I think it was much funnier when the schizophrenia was all wrapped up in one post, Sam. I could see you were close to losing your mind, trying to pull it all into one cohesive piece.
    I’m glad you’re able to be positive on the matter… my take on it is more like “great, the tigers can’t pull off a winning record – unless it’s against the red sox.” And I have a faint feeling of guilt over this for some reason, as if perhaps there are tigers I am pulling for when up at bat.
    anyway, it looks like they’ve lost no steam at all.

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