The Big Ouch

I really, really hope that Bonderman’s injury looked a lot less painful live than it did in the photos that came out afterwards.

I know it’s being reported as a ‘bruised wrist’, ‘X-Rays negative’. That’s good. I can’t help but worry, though, in my insane little paranoid mind, that it might be worse. There are tiny hairline fractures that don’t show up in X-Rays, and in an area like the wrist or the hand, with so many small bones… well. It’s something that could be unnoticed, and then aggravated into full-blown OMG WE ARE TEH SCREWED injury if Bondo pitches with it.

I hope that’s not the case. And, after all, Matt Clement took a linedrive to the head and escaped with nothing more than a hint of dazedness and a cut on his ear, so it’s definitely possible that this ends up at nothing more than a bad bruise in a painful spot.

With his age, though, I trust that the Tigers front office will have taken some very, very close looks at Bondo before letting him back out on the mound. It’s possible that I’m insane for thinking so (when was the last time the FO did anything right?! I hear the masses plaintively cry. To which I reply: Shut up! Ima enjoy me some Tigers baseball!), but I’m an art student, being insane is nothing new to me.

Bondo hit by a ball, Rondell out for the season (official diagnosis: Shoulder IMPLOSION!), Percival’s forearm exploding into a million red wet bits, Guillen walking around on a knee made of chicken giblets, Pudge with hands cracked all to hell and a hip flexor rustier than an iron nail on the beach… injuries, they have not been particularly kind to us this year.

I keep telling myself that Atlanta can do it, but I look at our minors and I don’t see a Jeff Francoeur, or a Kyle Davies, and I get all disheartened. Then again, I look at Atlanta and see The Farns in a Braves jersey, so that could be the source of my sadness.

I was hoping that the little win streak (most of which I did not post during– sorry, dear readers, but you don’t mess with superstition) would quiet some of the Tram critics… look! It’s the team! The guys playing it! They can win games if they get their collective head out of their collective butt, it’s not just horrible managing. I don’t think it quieted things down at all, though.

Anyways, Friday. Saturday. Sunday. The Tigers are in town (‘in town’ for me) right now, and, barring rainout or unforseen complications, I will be attending ALL. THREE. GAMES. On the late end of the tonight, expect photos.

Of Brandon Inge’s ass.

No no, I kid, there will be photos of many things. But there will, hopefully, be some of Brandon Inge’s ass.


One response to “The Big Ouch

  1. Dear Ms. Pearlstein,
    We have filed for a restraining order in which we would like you to maintain a distance of at least 100 feet at all times from my client. Someone from my office will be bringing the forms to you on Monday morning.
    Have a great weekend. And Go Tigers!

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