Exceptional Mental Makeup Mike!

15 consecutive retired! 102 pitches over 7 innings, that’s not bad, especially since Lee threw 107 over 6. Mike was really throwing as well as he ever does tonight, and for a while I thought the offense was going to do it to him again. I swear there have been at least 5 or 6 games this season where he’s thrown a gem and the bats have just gone completely, Rafael-Palmeiroly, limp.

So when Pudge jacked that home run, yeah, happy good times, especially because every home run Pudge hits these days is another thumbed nose at the steroid mongerers of the world. And if you persist in hanging the steroid tag on people without any hard evidence, I THUMB MY NOSE AT YOU, SIR!

DaMeat’s been on fire lately (mmm, grilled steak!). I’m still bouncy from that grand slam he slapped at Fenway (which! I! was present for!). He’s always had that ability to make opposing pitchers a little nervous, because even when he’s not actually hitting all that well, he still looks like a dangerous batter. Of course that doesn’t mean anything, really, but stuff like that does affect how a guy is pitched to sometimes.

When DaMeat’s looking like his usual badass self and hitting the cover off the ball, ah, now we’re talkin’.

I don’t even know what to say about Carlos Pena anymore, except that we’ve seen him do this stuff before, look insanely good for a while, only to see him fall off the face of the earth into a gravitational well so deep it seems like he’s never getting out. Inconsistent like woah. It would be nice if he could keep up this production for the rest of the season, but, good as he’s been, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Anywho, driving back to Michigan Thursday, moving in Friday (WOE, hate move-in), football game Saturday. Massive brain shut-down somewhere in there. Hopefully my evil, evil schedule will allow for a lot of Tiger viewing in the last month of the season… and BEYOND! There’s still the Wild Card! Ha ha no I’m not that insane. I just want .500, as I always did.


2 responses to “Exceptional Mental Makeup Mike!

  1. The thing with Carlos, is when we’ve seen him look this good for “awhile,” that usually constitutes a game and a half. I don’t ever recall him hitting this well over a stretch of 40 PA’s. I know that it is still a ridiculously brief period of time, but he’s starting to make me believe.

  2. Another thing about Pena is he might be hitting left-handers too. Last night’s hit off Sauerbeck was very encouraging. If he can hit lefties, I’m on the belief train too.

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