A lot of kittens died this weekend.

I wish I had fewer occasions to use this image.

Damn you, Wrong Sox! Damn you! Damn you and your bloody impenetrable pitching and your stupid effective bullpen that gets all kinds of rest because like all your starters are throwing complete games every other game. Damn you and your sweep, and your pinstriped home uniforms which is a bad sign if I ever saw one because we ALL know that pinstripes are a sign of evil, and your stupid sucky park with those stupid and completely inexplicable colored pinwheels everywhere.

If Pablo Ozuna doesn’t make that STUPID DIVING GRAB THAT WAS REALLY GOOD BUT I REFUSE TO ADMIRE IT BECAUSE NO IT HURTS BAD PABLO BAD, we have at least one run, and if the luck started changing a little like that, who knows, maybe some of those long balls actually go out, or one of those baserunners gets brought in.

I had something else I wanted to say but I got distracted by ESPN’s pregame coverage of the Yankees/A’s game. They had 3 or 4 Yankees interviewed, and for Oakland they had… Eric Chavez. I think they briefly had Scott Hatteberg. What, no one else you guys thought people would know? Couldn’t talk to, oh, I don’t know, Huston Street? Rich Harden? Barry Zito? Names that, if you don’t know, you damn well ought to know? Man. I just want to watch the Yankees lose tonight, please take off your pinstriped jockstrap, ESPN, and show me the catdamn game.

Oh, yeah, now I remember.

At least Bondo looked good.

No, really. Two runs in a complete game effort, that’s some good stuff right there. He was a little rocky in the first, with that wild pitch being a key that brought in a run one batter later, but that’s how he does. All season he’s been a little rocky in the first, and all season I’ve been saying that’s OK, better pitchers than him have had similar patterns. And then that single-shot homer in the 4th, those happen, especially with a power guy like Bondo (if you throw it hard, sometimes it’s just gonna get hit hard), and yeah, OK, that was a terrible pitch. Horrible. Right down the center of the plate like a great big dripping gristley meatball and that pitch deserved to get launched out of the park. But one bad pitch! One wild pitch! 8 innings pitched! That shouldn’t be enough for a loss.

Are you serious, Jeter swings at the first pitch and sends it out of the park. Excuse me while I vomit into the trashcan here.

Anyways, it WAS a loss, because the bats couldn’t do diddly-squat against Jon Garland Whose Name I Usually Make Fun of But I Am Just Too Annoyed Right Now to Do So. And yes, he’s good. Very good. Supermagicalsparklybutterflies good against the Tigers, especially: 0.53 ERA against us this season, his best against any single team. But it would have been nice to give Bondo some bat support, when the team really needs it, when Bondo really needs it, after coming off of some horrible and very unBondolike performances. But no.

Holy cats, Bellhorn is starting at second for the Yankees. I forgot about that. Urgh, now I feel sick again.

I’m back in Michigan for a good long while, by the way. Move-in sucked, drive up sucked, watching the Tigers lose on a nice big TV instead of just reading stats afterwards sucked, etc. etc. But football was good, and it’s nice to be back on campus and not be the only freak wandering around in neon yellow tshirts anymore.


7 responses to “A lot of kittens died this weekend.

  1. Oh, the kittens! All those poor kittens! Why, Tigers, why? Think about the kittens!

  2. The thing about yesterday’s game that REALLY made me want to puke and die is that WE HAD CHANCES. Garland did not totally, completely blank us. We had guys get on, we had opportunities, we just couldn’t get it done. It’s making me angry all over again, just thinking about yet ANOTHER two-run CG from Bondo getting so egregiously wasted. I hope the offense feels like A BUNCH OF JERKS.
    Okay, I’m gonna stop now, because I’ll be frothing at the mouth if I keep going, and from there it’s only a tiny step to just chucking my computer right through the window and then following it.

  3. I know, Cathryn. And in light of what they did today against the Inbreeds, I should hope they feel even worse about their lives. It’s starting to get almost hilariously bad, how we just cannot get the offense and the pitching going at the same time.

  4. I know, right? My friend and I had a whole conversation yesterday about how, if that happened, the universe would implode, so what we see as unfortunate baseball is really a delicate tightrope act with the entire universe at stake. We decided that Pudge’s lack of walks was rewarded with the ability to smeg off to Colombia at will and that the Farns had to be disposed of because he refused to play his part and insisted on being good *all the time*. I should post it in my journal, it was pretty funny. Any conversation that leads to the conclusion that Dave Dombrowski is God and Alan Trammell is the Metatron is probably worth saving for posterity.
    Note that I have nothing to say about today’s game, other than that I am actually glad I chose to watch the Red Sox kill another kitten instead. And that when I first typed that sentence, I wrote “help another kitten.” Wow, baseball Freudian slips win.

  5. I kind of want to read that conversation… I mean, I think we all KNOW that Tram is the Metatron, but it’d be interesting to see how you came to realize that important truth.
    Yeah, I should post the killing kittens graphic over at BCRS, but I’m really just too disappointed about it to even bother. At least the Braves won, and I only care about them a little bit, that is how bad this has gotten.

  6. The conversation is up at my journal, which the signature tag links back to; it’s the newest post.
    Yeah, my big baseball excitement tonight is that the Astros beat the Phillies, which puts them in the lead for the NL wild card race by half a game. (That wild card race is insane, by the way; there are four teams right in it, and three of them are constantly switching positions. It’s really crazy to follow.) This does give me joy, especially when I consider that a few months ago such a thing was so far out of the realm of possibility that I was running around declaring the Astros winner of everything because I was convinced that was the one thing I couldn’t possibly jinx, but – I’d really like to be excited about my other teams too. Instead, I get a reminder of the Red Sox’s biggest weakness (yaaaaay pitching!) and NINE GAMES under .500.
    But thank goodness for Graff; if I’d had to watch the White Sox blank both my AL teams right in a row, I would have screamed and thrown things.

  7. Cat, I hope you know “killing kittens” means masturbating (according to the original image of the domokun and the kitten). So. HA. HA!

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