A tiny shard of happiness.

Miserable game. It’s getting almost comical, how the pitching steps up only when the bats are completely silent, and vice versa. I mean, is this someone’s idea of a joke? Because that’s how it seems right now. I can’t even think about it anymore without wanting to cry, or break things, or go sit in the corner and stare at the wall and just hijack my brain and think about quarks for a while or something. Maybe all at once. It is just sick that this is happening with any kind of consistency.

But! (you knew that was a but in there, and not Brandon Inge’s either, although that is a very nice but[t])

FSN just had this program on. Where they compiled all these clips from the baseball players they had mic’ed up all year so far, and they played them. And. It was. Amazing. Amazing! It was fascinating and enlightening and dead hilarious and nothing I say will do it justice, really.

At the end they chose 4 guys they had wired who had gone ‘above and beyond’ the call of mic’ed up duty. One was Kevin Millar, which should surprise exactly no one. One was Jimmy Rollins, who was very chatty, very enthusiastic, spoke very clearly, and was very, very funny. One was Ozzie Guillen, which, again, no surprises there (they had Jon Garland on saying, “You could understand him? That’s the big thing, usually no one can understand him”).

The fourth? Dmitri Young.

To say that he was funny would not really do justice to his little winks, and side comments, and his enormous smile, which is so magnificent that it is enough to make me happy at the end of a very, very long day, baseball-wise.

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