All you can do at this point is laugh.

Seriously, Pudge, what?

“It’s been really tough,” he said. “I don’t wish anybody to go what I’ve been through. It’s not easy. Try to come to the park and don’t let it happen. When I leave this park, it’s just going back to the same stuff, and it’s not easy.”

“I’m human. I’m not a machine. When you go through tough times, it’s very hard to put it aside, especially when you live with a person for 15 years. It’s not an easy thing to do, because we have two kids.”

The struggles, he said, have been far more mental than physical. “That’s the sad part about it,” he said. “Physically, I’m feeling great. It’s the end of September and I feel like I can play a couple more months. That’s how great I feel. Personally, I’m in great shape. But my mind is not there.”

He hopes to fix that this winter. He’s getting help on opening up — not his stance, but his mind. “I’m a guy who keeps too much stuff inside of me,” he said. “I need to take that stuff out. And the only way I can do that is learn how to communicate, express my feelings. This has been coming for a long time.”
Trammell sees missed chances

Great. Ask A-Rod for the number of his therapist.

Also, and I’m really hoping this is typo on the part of the website, but… “we have two kids”? Pudge, buddy, pal, I hate to break it to ya, but, er, at last count you had three. Three children. Remember? Two of ’em are even named after you. One appears to be a shorter, thinner carbon copy of you. But, yeah, definitely three of ’em.

Time to sound the funeral dirges and finally lay this season to rest. That’s it, we’re done. Completely and utterly done to a blackened carbonized crisp. I’m sure that if we were still in contention Bondo would be OK to pitch, but as Tram said, why wouldn’t you shut him down now? You may as well preserve for the future.

His kid brother is really sick, so maybe this will give him a chance to go home and be with the family or something that will make me think marginally more positive thoughts right now.

I dunno, nothing more to really say. I’m pleased with the way Pena’s been hitting again, streaky bugger that he is, and Shelton’s been respectable these past few days. I still really like Granderson.

But there’s really nothing you can do right now beyond sitting back and waiting for the season to end.

*plays taps*


5 responses to “All you can do at this point is laugh.

  1. . . . yeah. How many days till October second?
    What *happened*? How’d the team implode? Why does it hate us so much? Why are people on certain forums discussing Lou Piniella like the idea of him coming to Detroit is not a terrifying (and farfetched) prospect? And how much would it cost for me to come to Michigan, find you, Jenna, and Alex, and yell at you a whole lot for getting me so invested in this team? And when’s April so we can do this all over again?

  2. Also, from the Detroit News:
    “Rodriguez hasn’t seen his *two children* since early July, but they’ll be in Detroit this week.
    ‘It’s going to be good,’ he said. ‘They can do whatever they want. They can hit me any time they want. I need that.'”
    Aside from Pudge’s weird ideas of parenting – *what is going on here?!*

  3. Did one of them fall into some black hole in reality or something?? THIS IS A MYSTERY WHICH MUST BE ADDRESSED. And which kid is the missing one? Is it the one not named after him? I’ll bet that one’s expendable.

  4. Well, my friends are speculating for absolutely no reason that one of the kids may not be his, hence the divorce, but I’m gonna go ahead and take like an entire sea’s worth of salt with that. Because, really, he may have morphed from “one of my favorites” to “player on one of my teams whom I would most like to beat with a stick,” but even I don’t think he’s enough of a douche to disown one of his kids in public.
    Of course, the alternate explanation is that he has just completely lost his mind, so I don’t know.

  5. I’m one of the whackos speculating that one of Pudge’s kids isn’t really his, and that it’s actually his brother’s, but his brother has a crappy, poorly paying job, so Maribel is like, “Bitch, I’m getting me a REAL man who can take care of your kid!” and hence, the union of Pudge and Maribel was borne.
    Or not.
    This team makes up its own daytime drama. They don’t need mine. :p

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