Figures the game I go to is the one they lose.

Anyhow, I took a load of photos, and some of them were from great seats because my buddy Mike has the Mad Comerica Skillz Yo (he worked there all summer) and was fearless in taking us down to sit a row or two up from the Tiger bullpens right behind homeplate. Not that it was all that crowded there, but you know.

So here are a couple photos until I can find some time (hopefully tomorrow, probably late if at all before Friday) to upload them all into a gallery.

Sean Douglass doing that thing called pitching. Probably not doing that thing called, you know, striking guys out.

Vance Wilson sometimes hates his life.

Poor Mark Woodyard, they had his name as ‘Woodward’ on the scoreboard the first time he came out to pitch tonight.

I really like this shot of Carlos Pena. He wears that same shirt under his jersey for every single game, you know.

If you thought you could get away without a shot of the posterior aspect of Mr. Inge, you were sadly mistaken, my friends.

Far more photos to come, when this university stops trying to actually kill me. You can die from lack of sleep, right?


3 responses to “Teaser!

  1. Great pics Sam! I looked all through your flickr stuff and got so jealous that you were at the second to last game at home. I should have taken a sick day today and gone down… even though we’re losing this one too.

  2. Being at the game last night, you probably didn’t get to see the pregame show. The same pregame show that had
    1. Curtis Granderson talking about how before each game he hugs everyone – to show the love. A clubhouse cancer he is not. I’m developing a mancrush (platonic of course) on Granderson. He’s a rookie, coming into this dysfunctional clubhouse, and he just starts hugging guys. Awesome.
    2. Vance Wilson break dancing – stop lauging – take a deep breath and conjure up a mental image – resume laughing.

  3. Jules, it was such a nice night it didn’t even really matter that we were losing, you know? Well, OK, it DID matter, but it was still well worth it to go.
    Billfer… no, I, uh, missed that show. AND I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I MISSED THAT OH MY GAWD! Curtis Granderson! Dude! Dude! You don’t know how much that bit of info has killed me.
    And as for Vance… um. Erm. Terror?

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