If I can’t watch Tigers, I’ll watch FORMER Tigers, dammit!

I hope like the dickens that we all saw last night’s marathon Braves/Astros elimination match. Not only was it just straight-up exciting (and historically long) baseball, it featured some key contributions by some of our former stripey friends.

You see, it was Kyle Farnsworth (whom I think we all know I adore with the singular sort of love one can only have for a fellow with a 100 mph fastball, a wicked slider, and a ready willingness to beat the blue out of the Royals) who gave up the 8th inning grand slam to put the ‘Stros back within one run. The Braves, grimly figuring that if their ‘best’ reliever couldn’t do it, no one could, sent The Farns back out for the 9th.

Where he promptly gave up a game-tying home run.

Cubs fans, no doubt, were nodding in grim satisfaction all over the Midwest.

That game-tying home run, by the by, was hit by the Astro catcher, Mr. Brad Ausmus, another former Tiger whom I adore to little tiny baseball-playing bits and pieces. He’s smart! He’s Jewish! He grew up a huge honking Red Sox fan! He’s a former Tiger! He’s cute! If you don’t love Brad Ausmus, you’re a filthy commie. Get out of this blog.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s Lions victory, by the by. I wouldn’t count on seeing any team commit that many penalties again this season, so savor it while you can.


2 responses to “If I can’t watch Tigers, I’ll watch FORMER Tigers, dammit!

  1. I am still recovering from that game, Sam. I am also gearing up to freak out good and hard over the NLCS. Why do I have three teams? And will someone tell me again about how baseball is fun?

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