Ugueth Urbina: underused closer, or MADMAN?

Props where props are due: I never would’ve tricked onto this story if Deadspin hadn’t dug it out, and Beth hadn’t emailed me about it. Through this illustrious blogging grapevine I bring it to you, the noble Tigers fan.

The article is here at, but you do require a registration.

I think the headline says it all, though, in a neat and pithy fashion: Machete attack linked to Urbina.

Apparently, a firearm went missing from his house in Venezuela, one of his workers was suspected, and there was a roundup of several workers that ended in them being beaten up (!), hacked at with machetes (!!), and spattered with flammable liquids and burned (!!!).

It’s unclear whether Ugie himself was involved in this, or if it just happened on his property. He does say he was sleeping at the time… I guess it was sometime after 2 am. Although the worker implicated him, Ugie has not yet been arrested, and he voluntarily spoke with the local authorities.

What potential effect does this have on him re-signing with the Phillies?

“We really haven’t talked that through,” [Urbina’s agent Peter] Greenberg said. “I know he really liked playing in Philadelphia. Bobby [Abreu] is his best friend, and he loved being in that environment. Even though he wasn’t a closer, he was happy.”


Because he was so happy in Detroit (not closing; with his best buddy Pudge right there with him), he went and got himself so sozzled that he started a brawl on the team plane and had, if I recall correctly, “half the team wanting to kill him”.

Ugueth Urbina: man’s got a temper, yo.


2 responses to “Ugueth Urbina: underused closer, or MADMAN?

  1. Maybe Ugie pulled out a machete on the airplane, thus leading to Dombrowski’s “We had to trade him” stance. Unfortunately, it seems that was edited from “We had to trade him before he cut us like tomatoes in salsa!”

  2. Ah, the truth comes out. It wasn’t just drunken rage that got him traded– it was drunken, machete-wielding rage. Guess we can’t fault anyone for making that trade. We don’t need no damn machete-happy backstabbers on the squad, dammit.

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