Kitten killing done for the year.

Congratulations to the Wrong Sox– you killed a bloody lot of kittens this season, I hope you’re proud of yourselves. As one of my friends, with whom I went to one of the last home games o the season, said, “Hey, at least you can say you saw the World Champions beat the Tigers in person this year.” Twice, my friend. Twice. We played a big part in this World Series, Detroit did… without our gracious laying down of bats and arms whenever we ran into the noble Magglio-hating crew, the Wrong Sox may not have had enough of a pad to outlast the surging Racist Logos at the end of the season.

Yay Tigers!

And so the long, cold, football-laden offseason begins, filled with intrigue (who will Ugie go postal on next? how much weight is Dmitri Young gaining RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT? how many more times am I going to have to violently argue against moving Brandon Inge back to catcher this winter?), hope (goodbye Higgy, goodbye JJ… hello potentially healthy Maggs!), and big fat honking questions:

WHO will we pick up in free agency and will they actually help?

WHAT will be the status of Carlos Guillen’s Surgically Repaired Knee (a proper noun in its own right, if you recall)?

WHEN will minor league pitchers Zumaya and/or Verlander come up?

WHERE is Kyle Farnsworth now, and can we get him back pleeeeeease?

WHY did Bonderman’s ERA fall down a flight of stairs at the end of the season?

HOW did Chris Shelton manage to get himself a fiancée? I kid, I kid, we love Chris Shelton here at RotT, and we freely acknowledge his studliness.

It’s just a studliness that’s a sort of… an acquired taste, is all.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go wallow in the pain of the baseball season being over for a little bit now. I am sure that many of you feel much the same.


6 responses to “Kitten killing done for the year.

  1. Did the baseball season end last night? I blinked and practically missed the whole World Series.
    And a moment of silence for the entire generation of kittens we lost this past season.

  2. “WHEN will minor league pitchers Zumaya and/or Verlander come up?”
    Didja see the big ‘ol discussion of this at motownsports in the minor league forum?
    I’m sorry. I’m afraid the Sox thing is allll my fault.
    The first baseball game I attended this season was the Sox’s final spring training game (which they won) with Freddy pitching.
    I had a brand new telephoto lens (with which I took a great photo of Freddy on the mound, now matted and framed and HUGE on my living room wall) and a whole winter’s worth of pent up baseball LURVE that I must’ve accidentally, psychically, sprayed all over ’em. Who knew I had the juju? But I was starting to suspect it midway through the season.
    Post season I was insisting to people it would be the Sox in 4, with Freddy on the mound.
    My baseball season came full circle.
    Sorry ’bout that.

  3. Ian: *moment*
    *bows head*
    Em, next spring training? Maybe you could track down the Tigers and do that? To them? I hate to be crude about it, but Bonderman could use some pentup baseball LURVE sprayed on him. :P

  4. I intend to do just that, as a matter of fact. Lakeland will be this year’s vacation spot.
    I’ll spray anything, any time, on Bonderman, belive me. No problem.

  5. Yeah, you’re surprised.

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