Just now saw that the Dodgers canned Paul DePodesta.

Take that, and take into account the fact that two of the guys they’re looking at for manager are Orel Herscheiser and Alan Trammell… throw in Tommy Lasorda… throw in some chopped onions, mix well, cook on high for half an hour…

Are the Dodgers going away from the statmatic laptop ways of DePo and towards the scouting old school?

I mean, I love Tram, and as I’ve said eleventy billion times in the past month, I don’t really blame him for this past year’s team. But he’s very much one of the old boys, and even if he secretly believes in always playing the numbers, that’s not the impression he’s going to give off.

So it’s possible the Dodgers are taking their entire organization that way.

I do hope this doesn’t turn into a leaguewide kind of trend, is all.

PS: Go Wolverines!

That doesn’t have very much to do with the Tigers, does it? Hm. OK.

In free agency we need to address pitching, we need to address it long and hard and with great gusto. And with money. Address it with money. But not AJ Burnett, because he’s going to be too overpriced. We need to hope like heck that Bonderman will emerge as, well, as he did at the start of this season, for the entire season. We need to hope that we can pick up some undervalued (although I fear such a thing may not exist in the market this offseason) pitchers to shore up the rest of the rotation, and that Mike Maroth (whom we HAD BETTER NOT TRADE) will continue to improve from, well, from 2003. Nowhere to go but up, Mikey.

I would also like a bullpen, please.

And I don’t understand why so many people seem to think we need to replace Inge at third base. Brandon Inge will be fine at third base. If all goes splendidly, he may be more than fine at third base. Remember when he was the best leadoff man in baseball for a while this season? Yeah. I do. Now give Dmitri Young a bat and let him beat the streakiness out of Inge, and we’ll be all set.

But not too hard. He’s awfully pale, I bet he bruises easily. Maybe a foam bat.

ETA: Wait! What about Wil Ledezma? Bloody heck, I nearly forgot he existed. He got shut down this season after he got sent down, yes? What if he emerges as a competent pitcher? I know he’s got nearly no track record to say that he will, but he’s so awfully young that, by golly, he very well could do just that. Wouldn’t that be frikking awesome? Damn, now I’ve gone and excited myself.

3 responses to “Mangerialization

  1. I think sabermetric GMs are here to stay. I wouldn’t worry about them getting phased out. We’ll probably see more of them as the years go along. And not just sabermetric GMs but GMs who are experts at the the financial aspects of the game. I think the job has become too complex for some of the old school GMs.

  2. Ay, I know, Lee… but I have my fears. Sabermetrics are so well established in the fan base, but baseball itself is still so permeated with the old school types, you never know. I do agree that they’re going to have to become much more financially-minded, though. Team finances are getting deucedly complicated these days.

  3. From what I’ve read about DePodesta in the LA Times, it wasn’t a question of sabermetrics. He was just terrible with people.
    Which makes you wonder why the Dodgers didn’t just fire this guy after the season, instead of let him interview the managerial candidates. Or maybe the Dodgers didn’t like how those interviews were going, and thought DePodesta might cost them a shot at a decent manager?
    Here’s a completely unrelated thought, though it’s Tigers-related: Would you trade Magglio to Boston for Manny?

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