A modest proposal.


*regards thoughtfully*


Not a bad lookin’ arm in that handsome suit, but the whole ensemble is just… too expensive. That’s my official blogger’s opinion, anyhow.

4 responses to “A modest proposal.

  1. Very nice work, Sam. I could be convinced!
    I think the only thing you forgot is Matt Morris’ face where Burnett’s is. ;-)

  2. Well Ian, I just put the Tigers uni on Burnett, I didn’t put Burnett’s head onto a Tigers uni. So it’d be tough to get Matt Morris and his mountain man beard onto the image… :P

  3. that looks almost lifelike!
    but what does that mean for poor nate cornejo? :O heh

  4. Nice Work Sam ! I do have a feeling they might have to get their starting pitcher in a trade instead though. With the limited number of starters available and the number of teams looking, I think the Tigers will get left out. I wonder what it would take to get vazquez who has demanded a trade to the eastern time zone.

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