You know what they say a picture’s worth…

Oh, Rondell.

I’m not sure what that strap across his shoulder in the first one is. I reckon it’s a camera bag, or a manpurse, or one single suspender, because that’s how Rondell White rolls, yo. My money’s on camera bag, but come on now, we all dearly want it to be a suspender. Ha ha.

At least he’s partying it up with ladies at a bar, and not a skeavy University house party like, oh, certain former Tigers *cough*BobbyHigginson*cough*.

Photos via On the DL, a magnificent website where you can spend a merry 20 minutes laughing your fool head off. They occasionally do photo posts, but usually they post up ‘blind items’ where you can try to guess who the players mentioned are. They’re mostly open-ended enough that you can keep guessing for a while.

They recently threw up this blind item, though, which should be manifestly obvious to any self-respecting Detroit fan, even without the comments. Too easy, On the DL, too easy.

(I do hope you’re all good and ready to root Blue come Saturday!)


8 responses to “You know what they say a picture’s worth…

  1. Are those chicks legal?

  2. Well, they’re at a bar, so I’d assume so.

  3. Yeah, I love that blind item. A strictly-Red Sox fan friend of mine linked me all, “Let me GUESS.” There’s just not even any question.

  4. Rondell’s got some massive eyebrow action goin’ on in there.

  5. Is that why the Farns was traded? C’mon back, Farns! Vance Wilson is still here!

  6. His head is very shiny.

  7. Shiny from EXCITEMENT. Ha ha, ok, yeah, I’ll stop there. You’re right Sam, this is markedly less sketchy than Higgy’s exploits, but amusing nonetheless.

  8. Rondell! There are benefits to being a baseball player. I wish I were a baseball player. I could have been a baseball player, instead of bum…which is what I am.

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