Teams of Yore. Um, or something.

Ralph Houk! Billy Martin! And a tiger!

I’m in a video class, see, and my final video is about the Tigers. This means I got to do some interviews in varying levels of awkwardness (hallmate Jim giggling nervously because he doesn’t really know much about the Tigers; my cousin Sam having nothing to say about Comerica apart from his experiences with the suite dessert cart) and awesomeity (my dad and his friends singing ‘Go Get ‘Em Tigers’ loudly and offkey; my uncle noting how Ty Cobb’s statue is surrounded by people he would have hated; my friend Mike talking for, no kidding, 15 minutes straight about everything that’s wrong with Comerica compared to Tiger Stadium).

It also means that, thanks to one of my dad’s friends whom we saw over Thanksgiving, I have some great old Tigers photos scanned in from old programs.


Willie Horton and Al Kaline have hugs!

Mickey Stanley enjoys soda pop without his shirt on!

Mickey Lolich is literate!

BILL FREEHAN WANTS YOU TO DRINK VERNORS! It fills the gap between sweet and bitey!

It’s turning into a pretty funny video so far. Pity the only audience will be a class of art students who won’t understand 2/3rds of what’s in it.


2 responses to “Teams of Yore. Um, or something.

  1. “We’re all behind our baseball team–GO GET ‘EM, TIGERS!!!–World Series bound and pickin’ up steam–GO GET ‘EM, TIGERS!!!!
    There’ll be joy in Tiger Town, we’ll sing new songs, when the Bengals bring the pennant home, where it belongs.
    We’re all behind our baseball team–GO GET ‘EM–DETROIT TIGERS–GO GET ‘EM, TIGERS!!!”

  2. Exactly! Really loudly and offkey! This must be an old man thing. ;)

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