Concerned Citizens

All this talk of trading Pudge has got me concerned. Not because I’m dead set on Pudge being back next year… I’m a Pudge fan, but really more a fan of the abstract Pudge, the Pudge who has a gun from behind the plate and is historically one of the best catchers in the game, not the Pudge who makes a ruckus in the clubhouse and may or may not be on steroids. I wouldn’t be wholeheartedly against moving him if we could get value back.

But unless we pick up a starting catcher along the lines of a Molina, moving Pudge would probably mean one very sad thing for the Tigers: Brandon Inge back behind the plate.

In case you haven’t spoken to me recently and are unaware of my stance on this issue, let me refresh you.

1. Brandon Inge is going to be a great player as soon as we stop dicking him around and let him get his feet.

2. Brandon Inge can hit major league pitching. He needs to stop with the streakiness, but we know he’s capable.

3. Brandon Inge is a great athlete more than capable of playing multiple positions. He is best suited to an acrobatic infield position, though.

4. Brandon Inge is goofy and lovable and is my favorite Tiger. Much as I love him, I fully understand that the catching position requires a certain amount of intellectual power, to be able to handle a pitching staff, and Brandon Inge may not be the best-suited individual for this position.

5. Brandon Inge cannot hit while also concentrating on handling an entire pitching staff.

6. Brandon Inge should be a Tiger lifer because Paws knows we haven’t had one of those in a while.

The point of all this is that we should all join the campaign.

Click for big.

Stand up, concerned citizens! Stand in solidarity for the continued presence of Brandon Inge at third base! We all know, deep down in our hearts, that it’s best. Feel free to take and spread the banner, this is an important matter and we must stand together for it.

Keep Brandon Inge, and Keep Him At Third Base!


9 responses to “Concerned Citizens

  1. i’m going to spread the word! we cannot let t his happen. actually someone and i were speculating on this, and it would totally mess up the infield.
    we decided:
    brandon to catcher -> guillen to third -> someone else, possibly placy to short -> omar to second? -> WTF STOP MESSING WITH THE TEAM
    i’m stealing this image to put on my LJ.

  2. See, I don’t even mind the reshuffled infield rules… if anything, third might be a little bit easier on Guillen’s knees (although not the way Inge plays it). I just really do not think moving Inge behind the plate is a good thing… it’s like an automatic hole in the lineup when we don’t need to make one.

  3. I think Inge could be good, but I would only give him another full year to prove himself. He has a new hitting coach and manager. I believe he can hit .280+ and have a nice OBP. I also believe he can hit 20 HR. Needs to definately cut down on K’s. I think giving him another full year would be prudent, but if he fails then make him super-sub and try a new 3B.

  4. Didn’t he get a full year last year?
    What Inge really needs is to not be in the lineup against right handed pitchers.

  5. Well, Jim, fair enough. He needs that full year, though, not a year boucing around in the field. And I agree he needs to cut down the Ks, but he’s slightly more likely to take a base on balls than most of the Tigers, and at least when he Ks he’s not hitting into a double play.

  6. It was his first year at third, though. That’s hardly fair.

  7. I enjoy Brandon Inge more as a super-sub type of player, and think that he is best suited for that position. However, he still made some great strides at the plate the last two seasons…showing that playing catcher full-time just shouldn’t be his gig.

  8. Inge fits in with all the great Tiger 3B of the past: Wert, A. Rodriguez, Brookens, etc. All were loved by the fans and none hit well enough to last as a regular. He’s an ideal utility guy, better than I thought he would be. Hits lefties, hits well at home, plays multiple positions, etc. As a starter he will always be prone to long slumps. He’s a super guy and athlete. The team has higher priorities than replacing him but he’s no star or even above average.

  9. See, I think he’s still got time to break out and prove that he’s above average as a player. Even if not, though, so long as the team remains in the state of disintegration it’s currently in, having a ‘super guy’ and all-round good athlete on the team is nothing but good.

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