Coming and going on little cats’ feet.

Aw jeez. Winter meetings, I can’t handle this stuff.

We seem to have got Todd Jones which, alright, not a bad deal, depending on the money, which I haven’t seen yet. The former Tiger had a career year last season, inexplicably going from a couple over-4.00-ERA years and a lovely over-7.00-ERA year to a startling 2.10. What stands out is his lowest walk total in, um, ever. If he can keep that up, this could be worthwhile.

Look, it’s not as though we’re going to convince great free agents to come here just on the merits of the city, I think we’ve sadly seen that. Todd Jones knows Detroit, though, and obviously wasn’t so put off that he won’t come back for the right price. I guess part of the hope is that he’ll be good for the clubhouse and some of the kids in the ‘pen.

Plus now he and Nate can grow gigantic walrus mustaches in tandem.

We also failed to offer arbitration to Fernando Vina (that’s fine), Rondell White (I kind of expected it), Bobby Higginson (SHOCKER OF THE CENTURY), and Jason Johnson (….).

I do NOT know why we didn’t offer arb to JJ. Yes, he’s not that great a pitcher when he gets into one of his (usually second-half) slumps, but he was very very good for stretches this past season, and, um, have the Tigers actually seen the market for pitching this offseason? Did they not think it might be prudent to hang onto an extra arm who can, if nothing else, eat some innings? Did they not think that JJ would be pretty much assured of getting multiple years somewhere else, thus making him likely to decline arb and giving the Tigers draft picks?


As of right now it doesn’t look like we’re trading Pudge, which is good, because Brandon Inge can stay right where he is and right where we like him.

Also, Dmitri has decided to not be fat. And I quote: “My big ass is an athlete.” Let’s hope he can pull it off. Maybe we should have him working out with Pudge this winter.

edit: Anyone in the universe think we’d have a shot at Barry Zito? Just mulling it over.


4 responses to “Coming and going on little cats’ feet.

  1. The more I think about it, the more I like the Todd Jones signing. Unless Dombrowski gave him too much money (which I doubt), I think Jones is a guy who could keep the closer seat warm until Rodney is finally ready to take over the role.
    Jones also strikes me as a guy who would gladly step aside in that scenario, unlike a guy who is getting BIG money to close.

  2. I like Jones comming back. He had a good year last year. How about bringing back Weaver too?

  3. You know, I’d love to see Weaver back here. And I think he liked Detroit. Unfortunately, I don’t think Dombrowski liked him.

  4. I like the fact that they signed pitchers to two year contracts. They aren’t ready to contend this year so I didn’t want to see them get locked into long term deals. I don’t worry too much about the amount of the salary when it’s just short term.

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