Victory is ours!!!!11!!1eleventy-one

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this yet. My only excuse is the drag of finals.

Kenny Rogers? Todd Jones? Whatever, man.

All indications point to the re-signing of Vance Wilson!

Last I heard it was a proposed one-year deal for $750,000, which careful research (a visit to his ESPN profile page) shows to be a cut of 10 thou from last season. Still, I expect this deal to get done. Where the hell else is he going to go?

And why would he want to leave his burgeoning cult following? It only just got kicked off last season, it could flower into something truly beautiful and disturbing next year, especially if his hitting normalizes somewhere over the vast mountaintop that is .200.

By the by, Vance’s middle name is Allen. Bonderman’s middle name is Allen. HAPPENSTANCE or FATE? I think we all know the answer to that one!

The future is now! And the future is an aging, light-hitting, and inexplicably likable backup catcher named Vance Wilson!

Let the winning commence!


4 responses to “Victory is ours!!!!11!!1eleventy-one


  2. EXACTLY! I knew you would understand.

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