8 Nights of Jewish Tigers– Night Six, long delayed due to LIFE

Yes, well, sorry. What with New Years and people from home insisting I be social (seriously, what’s up with that?) and coming back to Michigan and realizing with a deep sense of WOE that classes are starting right away, while there is still no baseball and football is winding to a close… I lost that sentence. Anyhow, we shall finish these up in a completely untimely fashion, much like Vance Wilson attempting to catch up to an offspeed pitch.

Dick Sharon

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Wait, what? Who? And what’s up with this 4th-grade-school-portrait-meets-balding-man photo?”

To you, reader, I say this: Dick Sharon! He was a right-handed outfielder who played for the Tigers in 1973 and 1974, which is before I was even born and therefore counts as ancient history. He never played over 91 games in his major league career. When he first came up with the Tigers he showed little inclination to hit for average or to take walks, but promised a flash of power (slugging .410 while only batting .242).

In the ’74 season his power slid down and he only slugged .295, something that I assume got him sent along to San Diego (the Tigers got part of a pathetic season of Nate Colbert out of it), where he played one last year in the majors and then twiddled around in the minors for a while, bouncing from the Padres to the Cards to the Rally Monkey Angels before finishing out his career in the minor leagues of the Red Sox.

As for the photo… if anyone can find me a photo of him in a Tigers uni, by all means, send it along. This was the best I could do without taking the time to photoshop him into a hat. Although I could do that. If I wasn’t so bloody lazy. Again, I think I’m channeling the current team. You can call me Dmitri Young here.

The point, though!

Mr. Sharon’s father was allegedly Jewish. I have no idea if he himself was raised Jewish, or practices Judaism, or raised his kids Jewish or anything like that. Most of what exists about him on the internet these days deals with his post-baseball fly fishing career. Which has apparently been quite successful… why, he’s even got his own fly fishing DVD out!

So let this be a lesson to all the hard-working AAAA-type outfielders in the game right now. Do your best, guys. Play hard and have fun. And when you retire, if you’re smart, you’ll have saved up just enough to spend the rest of your life relaxing in a boat, fly fishing. And maybe saying a little barucha over the fish, you know, if you’re so inclined.

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