Get striped up!

One more Jewish Tiger to note (you know who it is anyhow), but I have to mention that tonight on FSN they had a bunch of snippets of interviews with Tigers. They asked them about Leyland and next season and whatnot.

I realized, though, that I haven’t seen recent interviews with Tigers players in forever. It’s been a long, dark offseason. And suddenly, HERE IS BRANDON INGE ON MY TEEVEE, sporting a subdued chin triangle and hamming it up for the media, as ever. Here is Craig Monroe saying Leyland will give it to them straight! Here is Nate Robertson looking… um. Nate? Whatever you’re doing with the hair and the scruff? Keep it. Boy done got hot over the winter, kids. Maybe his ERA will behave similarly.

Now, I don’t buy what FSN is selling with the “Pitching wins! We got Todd Jones and Kenny Rogers! They are pitchers! Therefore we win!” schtick, but my goodness is this refreshing to watch. It doesn’t even matter what they’re saying, or that the parched gray manager looks slightly different this time around. It’s BASEBALL PLAYERS and it’s NOT ALEX RODRIGUEZ and they’re TALKING ABOUT BASEBALL and holy cats. Is it baseball season yet?

3 responses to “Get striped up!

  1. Wow Sam, we both wrote a silly post about the same silly stuff at the same time. I counted 31 cliches.


  3. ivantopumpyouup

    waaait, i missed gator with the hair and the scruff? bummer.

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