Tiger cubs invited to feed on delicious carcass with the rest of the big cats

In other words, Verlander and Zumaya have both been announced as locks for the big league roster. Ignore the fact that communal feeding is much more a lion (or, within family groups, cheetah) thing than a tiger thing. The analogy is imperfect anyways. Would a tiger let opposing players bang around its very flat fastball? No, it would eat those sorry sods. Would a tiger strike out as much as the Tigers do? No, real tigers are very patient creatures.

So quiet, you, and enjoy the imagery conjured up of two of our youngest and brightest pitchers tearing into an antelope carcass with their bare teeth.

Verlander’s the man (boy? boyman? manboy? baby tiger?) in the 5-slot, and Zoom’s got a bullpen berth waiting for him, which is about how I expected it to go down. I don’t know how they’ve been doing this spring specifically, but the organization has always showed more willingness to move Verlander up and along than they have for Zoom, whom they’ve always seemed a little shaky on when it comes to starting.

According to Leyland, the only bullpen locks right now are Zoom, Fernando, Walker, and Todd Jones. So there’s still room for Grilli and Colon to try to make cases for a bullpen slot.

And for those of you who care, the Wolverines opened up the home season with a win yesterday over Oakland, 14-5. It’s a start.


3 responses to “Tiger cubs invited to feed on delicious carcass with the rest of the big cats

  1. Verlander was the right choice for the fifth spot. I suspect that Zumaya will be in the rotation in Toledo later this year-although he once was regarded as a potential closer candidate because he threw hard and had a violent delivery, the Tigers feel he has improved his mechanics and can be a starter. Better to have him in the Toledo rotation than used erratically in the Tigers pen.
    Although it is always risky to read too much into spring performances, look for a big year from Curtis Granderson.

  2. Michael Martin

    My thinking is you can add Spurling to the list of locks. Colon gets the long relief spot and German stays around because he out of options. Grilli would then be a Mud Hen and get to work on being a starter.

  3. Curtis Granderson= let the presidential campaign start now. You heard it here first.
    I honestly don’t know about German anymore, Mike. I can’t see wasting a roster spot on him for much longer if he doesn’t start putting it together, for real, in a quick way.

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