Are you effin’ serious? Closer edition.

Is this for real? Are we sure it’s not an evening April Fool’s joke?

It looks like Todd Jones is going to be starting the season on the DL with a wobbly hamstring, after aggravating it at what must literally be the last possible moment. Unbelievable. And after we already DFAed Franklyn German, too.

Although maybe it’s for the best right now. I’m not sure Detroit is ready to handle that ‘stache just yet.


6 responses to “Are you effin’ serious? Closer edition.

  1. Oh man. Not a good start for a team that was hoping to stay relatively injury-free this season.
    I think you guys are right about Rodney, but I wonder if we’ll see Young Zumaya thrown into the deep end of the pool to save some games early in the season?

  2. Not a good sign. Three weeks of Fernando Rodney, I suppose.

  3. That’s the word on the e-street. Urgh.

  4. Michael Martin

    I wouldn’t look for him to close but he should see some time in the eighth inning and if he looks strong, Leyland seems like the type of guy that just may send him back out there in the ninth. Especially if Rodney blows a couple.

  5. I know. Consider my mind official blown and my (possibly irrational) panic button officially pressed.

  6. You’ve probably read by now…supposedly it’s Tata.

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