I’ve gotta get to bed because I’m waking up at 5 am tomorrow to drive 12 or some-odd hours east, but I’ve just got to say: HOLY FREAKING CATS WHAT A GAME.

Seats were amazing, almost directly behind home plate and wicked close to the field.

Nate was… Nate was a VICIOUS GATOR and his ball was A STEELY GATOR JAW SNAP OF VENGEANCE, or something. Five strikeouts in the first 2 innings, what? Of course then the Twinkies had all had looks at him and the numbers calmed down some, but still. Jeez.

And that third inning. Oh man. Oh man. When Carlos had that hit and then… heck, I don’t even know what happened, it somehow turned into a three-run double (!!!!) with Carlos thrown out at third base, 7-3-5-4, what the hell kind of play is that? I don’t know, but it was awesome. And then just when we were maybe starting to think about the possibility of shutting up and sitting down, Shelton went yard, and everyone exploded again.

Then Craig doubled, and that was that for Brad Radke.

Plus the programs came with little posters in them, and guess who was on the poster? That’s right. Brandon Inge. I opened it up and I about died, because what are the odds, right? 1/25, but shut up, it’s still amazing. I immediately said that it was a Sign of Awesomeity, and as luck and good bats would have it, I was right.

The only downsides to the game were that we were behind the net, which rather limited the photography (‘tho we showed up early enough to watch the Twins take BP, so I have kind of a lot of pretty nice Twinkie shots, although I don’t know who half of them are with their sweatshirts on), and that it was bleedin’ cold out there. I only had a sweatshirt on because the only jacket I have with me is my lurid Red Sox jacket, and I didn’t feel like going into Comerica sending mixed messages.

But whatever. Because, that win.

Photos to come when I get back to MA and have a computer that is not INFESTED WITH EVIL MICROSOFT. Probably Sunday. Look alive, Roar of the Tigerites. I got some good pitcher shots because of our seats, I have some nice shots of Gardy, and I got the Golden Image: Brandon Inge vigorously rearranging himself.

Bask in this one, kitties. It was a beaut.


3 responses to “omgGator

  1. I can’t believe I’m thinking of a negative after a 9-0 win, but I felt bad for Monroe (Craiggers?) when CoPa’s yawning centerfield robbed him of a home run. That’s out of any other park in the majors. He smoked that ball.
    I gotta get out to the ballpark. It’s killing me that I haven’t been to a game yet.

  2. Have yourself a safe drive home Samela

  3. I have to say…I love the column. And I’m glad someone is getting their entertainment dollars out of the Twins, because the Minnesota fans sure aren’t.
    Love it!

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