*brain asplodey*

Still don’t even know what to say anymore. I was at the Red Sox/Yankees game tonight, and tsked sadly when I saw the out-of-town scoreboard update to show that the Tigers were down 4-0 to the Royals. “Ah well,” I thought. “I know they can’t all be wins, but it’s a pity it has to be the Royals.”

Then I get home and check the box score and, lo and behold, the Tigers somehow managed to pull out yet another win.
I started laughing. What else can you say?

It’s not just that the Tigs are winning… it’s that the winning is happening in ways it has not happened to them in a long, long, long time. We just don’t win games on a two-run homer by the fat backup catcher. We don’t see the young center fielder jack a home run to tie the game at the last minute, and then win it in extras to send a standing-room-only crowd home ecstatic. We don’t win 1-0 games.

Yet! Here we are.

I don’t trust to luck, and I don’t trust in a run that seems more charmed than anything else. I want the Tigers to keep this up all year, very much so, but a little corner of my brain keeps chanting, “Wait until after the All Star break, wait until after the All Star break.” Things usually start to show some of their true colors by then, because baseball plays enough games to even out the luck, generally, and let the talent show through (something that football, by the by, is not as good at doing). But until you’ve played enough games to let things fall back to average, the team can look crazy. See: 2005, Washington Nationals.

Verlander has looked great of late, but he’s young, and I can’t help but worry that he’ll tire. The same for Zumaya and, especially after last year when I’m convinced he threw too many pitches too early in the year, the same for Bonderman. I dunno what was up with Rogers tonight, but he can’t do that again and expect to win that way. It was cute to see Zoom vulture a win for his stats, but I’d prefer to see those letters go to our starters, y’know?

Inge has been hot and cold, but when he’s hot it seems like he and Granderson are in the thick of every rally and form some sort of caped superhero 1-2 punch… er, 9-1 punch.

Maggs, Guillen, Shelton… we have hitters who are actually backing up the pitching. This is a completely novel concept for the Tigers in many ways.

So on the one paw, we have the fact that it’s early, we’re winning games with the stink of luck on them, and so on. On the other paw, we have guys who are playing really well, throwing really well, and that doesn’t seem fluke-y… after all, this team last year had us all tearing our hair out about how good it should have been, if only there hadn’t been all those injuries and all that Drama.


I’m going to enjoy the heck out of it, though. Rest assured of that.


9 responses to “*brain asplodey*

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Oh man. You know what the best part is? I’ve never once gotten that feeling that I used to get all the time, the “Oh, man, might as well call it a night. They’re out of this one,” feeling. They’re in every game and they have a chance to win every game and I LOVE EXPECTING TO WIN as opposed to expecting weird crap to happen and for us to lose. *hugs it* I’m with you on the “sitting back and enjoying it thing.” I think as Tigers fans there’s always that voice in the back of your head screaming, “BUT JUST WAIT! THEY CAN’T KEEP THIS UP! THEY’RE THE *TIGERS* FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” but I just shut it up with a glance at the standings. Nothing’s going to take away the way this start feels.

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    PS Sorry for all the caps. As you can see, I was a little excited. Heh heh.

  3. Aw, you didn’t think they were gonna win? I was so sure they were gonna win that the confidence carried over to the Red Sox game and I was listening for Dustan Mohr to smack a homer off Mariano Rivera. Hahaha, baseball optimism is the best.
    Priceless comment on EEI (paraphrased):
    “In Kansas City, the Royals are up 3-0 over the Tigers.”
    “Yeah? They better hope it’s the bottom of the ninth with two outs.”
    “Nope, it’s the second [or whatever].”
    “Oh. Well, then.”
    You know my favorite part of all this? I frequent a long-running Tigers fan forum, and I just lovelovelove seeing even the most cynical, bitter, beaten-down Tigers fans beginning to embrace the magic. This is their first taste of winning in years and it very nearly brings tears to my eyes to watch. It is for the sake of all the long-time fans like them that I hope this team keeps it up.

  4. I had these same thoughts last night. I was watching the game during commercials, and when I quit flipping between channels, the Tigers were down 4-2 in the 8th inning. Later I checked the box score, and saw we had taken the lead. Just business as usual for the Tigers. Who ever thought winning would be “Business as Usual” in Detroit this summer?

  5. Of course the Tigs won’t continue on this torrid pace – 24-7 in the last 5 weeks. They are on pace to win 110 but they won’t. They are good, but not that good.
    I am half expecting a pitching meltdown in the 2nd half also. It happened to Robertson the last two seasons. But, these Tigs are now 17 games over .500. If they mnage to get 20 over .500, I think it will guarantee that they’ll be in contention for a playoff spot for the remainder of the season.
    I refuse to set myself up for disappointment by expecting anything more.

  6. I was expecting this. I really was. Honest.
    Remember two years ago when the Tigers pulled out three walk off homeruns. In A Row! They’ve had their share of late inning heroics. They have put away teams. In 2004 and 2005, they were beating the Yankee and some other them that has red coloured footwear, but couldn’t buy a win against the Devil Rays, Royals, and Mariners. They’d lose a couple, together with all of us say “here we go again,” and proceed to lose a half dozen. They’d go off and pout because a stud reliever (who was going to sign with the, boo hiss, Yankees anyway) gets traded
    Now, they are not, because they know they are good. And I’m happy because I can enjoy baseball without having to constantly explain that the Tigers really aren’t that bad. Now, I just have to defend Inge’s defence.

  7. ivan, see, I still don’t expect it. I expect the losses. So it’s just surprise after surprise and I think my system’s going to shut down from the shock.
    Cat, I’m afraid it’ll have to go deeper in the season for me to embrace it. Marathon not a sprint, marathon not a sprint.
    Rip, I know, the fact that it’s something that happened TWICE, let alone MANY MORE TIMES, is freakin’ insane.
    Doug, see, I expect fall-off. But. They had Jason Johnson in recent past years, and JJ was a notorious post-AS-break collapse case. Maybe without him, things won’t be so drastic. And for the record, I expect more post-AS collapse this season from Rogers than Robertson.
    Mike, I do worry about that pouting. Much of the team is back, the potential is still there. I suppose the test would be not how these guys do while winning, but how they handle themselves when losing… do they bounce back to last year’s behavior, or have they changed? And Inge’s defense needs no defense, it speaks for itself with it’s quality, of course. :P

  8. That’s just it… Right there, smack in the middle of that 24-7 stretch, was a 3-game losing streak. The response has been to win 13 out of the next 14, and counting, perhaps. Time to start socking away money for playoff tickets, methinks.

  9. I think this is the time we will see if they are going to go into funk. Moroth is hurt going into a stretch of games against the teams the Tigers will be fighting for a playoff slot. I think they will respond and respond well, this team is learning that it can win as long as it fights to the last out.
    But we’ll see

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