OK, now I know it was the Royals…

… but still. Still. Down 6 runs in the first, our starter gets pulled after a third of an inning, and we still come back to win the game.

That probably doesn’t happen against any team other than the Royals because, let’s put a name to it, they look like the 2003 Tigers right now, with little in the way of improvement on the visible horizon. The Devil Rays are in better organizational shape. And when you’re saying that the Devil Rays are better than you in any way and you aren’t specifically talking about Scott Kazmir, you’re in trouble.


Even putting aside the ridiculous performance from the bullpen to step in and save the snot out of that game, even putting aside the fact that we have a real live pulsating offense right now…

Since when do the Tigers not just give up on games like that when they realize how many runs they’re down? Since when do the Tigs have the collective stomach for something like that?

Couldn’t even lose when we tried to do so.

I say “couldn’t”, past tense, because of that whole “starter leaving after a third of an inning” bit from tonight. It sounds like it’s Maroth’s elbow, and people are muttering about the DL. Of course we’ll have to wait and see what the official diagnosis is once he’s had it looked at, but it certainly doesn’t sound like things are all happy joy joy funtime in that joint.

As we all too keenly recall, the constant lament last year was “what we could do, if only we were healthy“. So far this season, the Tigers had been healthy… OK, not Dmitri, and not Todd Jones, but that ended up being something we could handle. If Maroth’s hurt now, that’s a cat of another color.

We’ll have to see if Tata gets called back up, or if Spurling gets a spot start. They might even venture to move Zumaya into a starting role for a game or two, although I’d kind of rather have him stay in the ‘pen right now. In any event, we’ll have to see if someone steps up, like Zumaya already did when The Walrus went down, and whether or not we can keep this marvelous absurdity alive.

Oh yeah, and I went to a Red Sox/Yankees game and, as is my wont, took a boatload of photos. Point of interest for Tigers fans? C’mon now. As if The Farns was gonna get into the game without me going camera-nuts at him. Photos here.

Yeah, you know it.


3 responses to “OK, now I know it was the Royals…

  1. Good teams are supposed to clobber bad ones and the Tigers are 8-0 aginst KC – doing what they’re supposed to do.
    Ledezma might be another possible call-up if Maroth goes down. He’s having a good time in AAA so far and I like him better than Colon.
    I also agree that Zumaya should stay put in the ‘pen. He’s doing great there. Don’t mess with what’s working. I’m even thinking that Zumaya and Rodney may compete for the closer’s role in the future .

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    You really think Spurling would get a spot start? I don’t think he’s started at any level of baseball . . . Hm. I heard they’d call up Spurling and use Col

  3. I was at the game yesterday. We ended up leaving in the bottom of the 7th because we had our 3 year old with us and it was time to leave. I knew that they would come back though, just not by scoring 8 runs in two innings. It was a truly beautiful day there yesterday. Balls were flying out of the park at a rapid pace though. Good stuff. When the Royals scored 6 in the first even the Royals fans knew that they were going to lose. haha. I know that people talk about the schedule and what not, but you still have to play the game and win the game. It is hard to beat a team 4 straight regardless of who it is. We will now see the Tigers face the Indians, Red Sox, Yankees, and White Sox. Should be good times.

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