Tiger cub!

Big fuzzy striped congrats to the Bondermans, who had their first tiger cub on Thursday! Well, Mrs. Bonderman had the cub, Jeremy presumably had little to do with her incubation and birthing.

The cub is a little girl, named Mailee Blaize (….must…make…no…comment…) and as I haven’t seen anything saying she’s unhealthy, we shall assume that all went well.

Quoth Bondo:

I wanted her to get here in time for Father’s Day, so that I can get a gift.

Might it be that the birth of his baby girl will cause him to develop a personality? Tigers Nation waits with bated breath!


One response to “Tiger cub!

  1. There is no comment. “Mailee Blaize” is its own punchline. I am no longer embarrassed by my eighth grade self deciding to name my hypothetical future daughter Austin Rose.
    Oh well. Congratulations to them anyway and I hope little Mailee can make her daddy pitch like tonight more often.

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