well, that was better

I’m still keeping a furious eye on Fernando, though. I’ll post the image of your head getting eaten by a tiger again, Fernando. Don’t for a second think I won’t.

We need to start winning series again, and not just ‘salvaging’ them.

But on a markedly happier note:


Yes. Yes, he was drafted last year, and came back to Michigan to finish out his (5th) senior year. Good thing he did too, what with WINNING THE BIG 10 and all. If he hadn’t signed he would have re-entered the draft… maybe his stock would’ve risen with his performance this season and he would have been drafted before the 37th round (where he went before), maybe not. The kid’s a Cubs fan, but I expect 5 years at U of M might have softened his views towards the Tigs. In any event he was happy enough with them to put pen to paper the night before this summer’s draft and get himself signed up all official-like.

There are some very attractive footsteps for him to follow in. Michigan produced Gold Glove catcher of awesomeness Mike Matheny, and it also produced former Tigers catcher Bill Freehan. Take that, Michigan State! What have you given us, other than Mark Mulder and his goofy fratboyness? Yuh huh. I thought so. I know we signed some kid outta MSU. Cram it.

Of course I realize full well that he’ll be starting out in low-A ball and could easily change organizations a thousand times before making it to the bigs, if he ever does. No one has a straight shot up from signing to the parent team, unless you’re Jeremy Bonderman. BUT LEAVE ME MY DREAMS OK.

If nothing else, it delights me in a thousand dorky ways that guys I photographed in college ball are now, or will soon be, paid members of MLB organizations.

Apparently we also drafted Michigan pitcher Paul Hammond. And, most unfortunately, we’ve chosen to sully our hands with a Buckeye. Ronnie Bourquin. He played third base at OSU, but fear not, Brandon Inge fans, he’s totally not MLB-ready at 3B, and he’ll probably get moved to some less strenuous position where his ham hands won’t be as obvious before he gets up to the lofty Comerica heights.

In any event, here he is:

Now. Let’s get everyone on the big squad hitting again, and let’s stop crying at night over Mike Maroth, and let’s get back to that winning thing, whaddya say?


6 responses to “well, that was better

  1. I, for one, have not shed a tear for Maroth….
    You’d be surprised how much people don’t actually appreciate, at all, the whole aspect of getting to see these boys at the level we do (here in WM)…a lot of “what about the ooooother 24 guys” whining from folks (host families, etc) when it comes to Maybin and a lot of people started out the season really pissy and resentful of Maybin, wanted to call him a diva, wanting to see him not do well so they can be justified in their bitching about how big a bonus he got…etc. But he’s proved not to be that at all and has played well.
    I don’t, for the life of me, understand why people can’t just appreciate what they’re getting…the chance to see these kids BEFORE they’re the Next Big Thing.
    I mean, come on! I am thankful for every day I still get to shoot Maybin.
    And these people are baseball fans? I dunno. Lemme tell ya…whole lot of NO ONE interested when Justin Upton was in town. I just kept thinkin’….”People!….Justin Upton!….”
    I dunno what’s wrong with folks, I really don’t.

  2. //wanting to see him not do well so they can be justified in their bitching about how big a bonus he got//
    Sounds like a lot of the stuff that went on with the bonus babies and stuff… like, when Sandy Koufax signed… the more things change, eh? :P
    It’s even more so at the college level, I guess, cause while maybe 3 or 4 guys on a low-A team will taste the bigs on average (I am making that number up), you’re lucky if 1 guy on a college team ever will. I just got a kick out of it initially because you could get close to the field and get some neat shots, and for someone without a fancy camera and with amateur status, standing behind the dugout at a college game is about as good as it gets. It was only later that I got to actually recognize the guys and enjoy the team.
    I don’t get that attitude either… I mean, I would’ve made a ass of myself in excitement if I got to see Justin Upton play. I actually assumed that he would’ve been a big draw when he came to play the ‘Caps. He wasn’t? ‘Tis strange.

  3. Sam,
    MSU also produced Kirk Gibson. And Steve Garvey. I think Hall of Famer Robin Roberts is a Sparty, too.
    Of course, the Maize and Blue can counter with Jim Abbott, Barry Larkin and Hall of Famer George Sisler, to name just three.
    Pardon the geekiness, but I have to use this worthless information stuck in my brain whenever the opportunity presents itself.
    When we meet next year at The Fish, I think there may quite a few future pros on display.

  4. I’m not an MSU fan AT ALL! Go Blue! However, Kirk Gibson did come from MSU. Steve Garvey too. Gotta be fair.

  5. I don’t get it either.
    Cam came back though, he’s been out since early May, and hit a grand slam last night in the ninth. And that was only his second game back.
    He got that bonus for a reason. Not sure what it will take to get that through to some folks. Oh well, they’re the one’s missin’ out. I was excited to see Upton, but he sure didn’t play well while he was here. Had an off week or something.

  6. Quiet, you grumblers. MSU? I caaaaannnn’tttttt heeeeeaaaarrrrr yyyyooooouuuuu.
    I’m too busy cuddling the thought of Mike Matheny’s awesomeness.

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