bust a bird

What a game. Jeez.

As most of you know, I am, due to geographic and familial circumstances, a fan of both the Tigers and the Red Sox. And if you were watching your boxscores yesterday, you will have noted that both teams won in the 10th inning, in spectacular walk-off fashion– the Sox on yet another David Ortiz home run (deconstructing the myth of Clutch-as-Myth one blast at a time) and the Tigers on a River Thames homer in the 9th to tie it, followed by a Granderson walk and a Polanco double in the 10th to win.

So, yeah, heckuva baseball day for me yesterday. Plus my dad got a Varitek foul ball at the Sox game and then came home and gave it to me, so really just a day of pluses all ’round.

Now, trailing for so long, it would be hard to say that we really outplayed the Cardinals yesterday. Certainly we’re not outplaying them in the same sense that the Wrong Sox did. But I think we can all agree that we need to send Tony LaRussa a big cheery thank you note for pulling Jason Isringhausen after he had gotten two outs in the 10th. Immediately Johnson gave up a walk, and then the game-winning double. I had honestly thought that Isringhausen was going to finish us off in that inning and we were gonna hafta go to an 11th, so, thanks Tony!

Oh, and will someone please tell me what the noble base on balls ever did to Craig Monroe to make him hate it so much? Did a base on balls knock him down on the playground when he was a kid and steal his lunch money? Did a base on balls make out with his mom? Did a base on balls burn down his house? What?

Because seriously, an OBP of .273 is kind of freaking disgusting. He’s only batting .236 to begin with, but maybe that number would start going up if he would stop swinging at every single baseball that comes within 100 feet of the plate. I’m pretty sure there are strikes being thrown at Wrigley that Craig, while at home in Comerica, is swinging at.

Hey, I can’t really complain. Everyone else had on their hittin’ shoes (to get all Rod Allen about it) yesterday, and some guys showed marvelous discipline, like Carlos Guillen, who went 2-for-2 with 3 walks. That’s the sort of thing I like to see. Of course, I like to see The River Thames hitting game-tying blasts as well, but for the Tigers its a performance like Carlos’ that is cause for true excitement.

Nothing against the Cardinals. They’ve had a rough couple series so far against a couple of the best teams in the AL. And it still gives me absurd dorky joy that I can say something like that and have it refer, in part, to the Tigers.


2 responses to “bust a bird

  1. In my very humble opinion, your insights are pro Boston and anti-St. Louis. Why not celebrate the fact that Jim Leyland has this Tiger team pointed in the right direction with the right chemistry.
    Today’s (Sunday’s) win that completed the sweep shows that the Tigers are indeed for real and very much one of baseball’s top two or three teams.
    Go get’em Tigers……

  2. Really? I have nothing at all against St. Louis. I don’t think it’s particularly anti-St. Louis to note that they’re a worse team than both the WrongSox and the Tigers right now. That’s simple truth. They’re not as good as either one of those teams.

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