the best quote in the history of television

On Baseball Tonight:

“We’re gonna stop showing WebGems, and just start showing IngeGems.”

Allow me this moment of pure happiness, OK?

8 responses to “the best quote in the history of television

  1. And John Kruk gets philosophical with:
    “Winning is fun, fun is winning”
    Sadly it is the most profound and insightful statement ever uttered by Kruk.

    Sully it not with fat men uttering inanities, please.

  3. After watching Inge make two more outstanding plays tonight vs. Houston, I think the time has finally arrived to make the case. A Gold Glove for Brandon Inge.
    He’s done more than enough to unseat Eric Chavez, hasn’t he?

  4. ivantopumpyouup

    Rod Allen: He looks like Brooks Robinson over there.
    High praise indeed. :D

  5. You and your boy Inge….I thought I heard some excitement coming from around Boston way…

  6. Now that Inge’s fielding is getting some attention, I hope people will stop looking at his error total so much and realize what a good fielder he is. I think the web gems will probably be more persuasive than the Probabilistic Model of Range figures.

  7. Lee, hey, whatever works. Sometimes you gotta preach to the lowest common denominator to achieve the just ends. :P

  8. While Inge has caught a lot of grief this season for his batting woes, I have become a firm believer in the talent and potential that Jim Leyland has been blanketing in praise from the beginning of the season. The man has a tremendous glove and, if he can harness his hitting and become more patient at the plate (he has batted for a higher average in the past), he could very well be the reincarnation of Howard Johnson, with a better glove to boot.
    But then again, I’m a rabid Tiger fan. Does that make my opinion overly biased?

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