I have seen the light, and it is pink and sugary.

Thanks to the cable company’s magnanimous decision to let us have the MLB Extra Innings TV package for a few days, I got to see tonight’s Tigers game. Which meant that, for the first time, I got to see Nate Robertson’s Rally Gum in action.

Bottom of the 9th, all knotted up, and I’ve got my hands all knotted up to keep from biting my fingernails down to bloody nothings. FSN cuts away from the field to show… the dugout. And Nate Robertson, in the dugout, with his cheek distended like a deranged chipmunk, a wad of bright pink clearly visible in the part of his mouth that stays open, so much stuffed in his face that his lips are stretched and his mouth probably couldn’t close fully even if he tried.

“The Rally Gum!” I thought, all excited. “Wow, I’m gonna get to see it. Wonder what they’ll do here.”

Panning around a bit, the camera caught someone I couldn’t identify and Jeremy Bonderman, both also working their jaws over a large chunk of gum.

Second batter of the inning, Carlos Guillen charges a ball just barely over the bullpen wall in the outfield. Home run. Walkoff. Game over, Tigers win.



2 responses to “I have seen the light, and it is pink and sugary.

  1. How is it that we SELL Big League WHERE I WORK and I keep fogetting to buy it?!
    Oh, and Nate has a blog. He discusses Gum Time in detail.

  2. Oh I’m well aware… he’s already linked up on the side an’ all.

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