bask in past glory

As we all stew lightly over yesterday’s loss to the Royals, I just want to remind you guys that exactly one year ago today, something magical happened. Something beautiful.

Something you need to relive to mark the occasion.

I’d forgotten I had taken all those screenshots. Gosh, lemme tell you, even a full year later it still brings a tear of joy and pride to my eye and a rush of warmth to my stony little heart.

Of course we all remember the Piledrive, but I’d forgotten just how utterly furious Bondo was, and how many other people got involved. Jose Lima! Maggs wading into the top of the pile!

For more “wow lookit what I was sayin’ a year ago” madness, check this post out. It was from after I had watched the All Star Futures Game. Point of interest? That was the game that both Zumaya and Verlander pitched in.

And check out the graphic I made for it. “Ha ha, wouldn’t it be neat if Zoom and V were both up with the big squad in ’06? Won’t happen, but here is a crappy Photoshopped image displaying how cool I feel it might be!” There weren’t even any good photos of Zoom in a Tigers uniform back then; the image of him there was some other uni that I Photoshopped into a Detroit one.

Ah, how the seasons do fly.


3 responses to “bask in past glory

  1. That brawl was somethin’ else…I remember seeing it on TV with my mom, and she was saying “Oh No!” I told her that it was Family day then and the players had their wives and kids. I thought “Not in front of the kids!”

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    I was kind of hoping for Vance to incite a riot. Brawls, man, I love ’em. And it would have been almost a year to the day. That would have been sweet.

  3. Ha, I didn’t remember it being family day. I bet the kids loved it.
    Oh yeah, I saw that Vance had to be restrained. That would’ve been too perfect, man.

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