weasel? we’ll show you weasel.

Is there no end to the depths of Ozzie Guillen’s insanity?

Via the Detroit Free Press:

Kirk Gibson knocked the crap out of me at second base,” Guillen said. “The next day, I threw right at his face. It wasn’t bad blood. That’s the way people should be playing.

“That was a man’s game. This now is a bunch of little weasel games.

“Major League Baseball in general has gone really weak. Start playing like a man. Do something people can enjoy. Play the game hard.”



Of course then the article goes on to talk about how the win yesterday was helped along by The River Thames bowling over a Wrong Sox player, and how Ozzie (who is at least consistent in his madness) praised this play. I don’t know much about that; I wish I’d seen it, but yesterday afternoon I was doing this instead– although I was, as a matter of course, keeping an eye or several on the out-of-town scoreboard the whole time. But I did see Bonderman’s start (thank you ESPN? No. We won’t go that far), where Rod Allen declared that The River Thames was “put together pretty good,” so I feel like I’ve gotten The River Thames experience for the week nearly in full anyhow.

These were such big games. Not only is any win a good win, these were divisional wins, and divisional wins against the team we worry most about. I realize that I’m stating the obvious with that, ‘specially with you guys, but it’s a nice thing to reflect on anyhow. Big, big games. And we came up big in ’em. Tigerlicious.

Plus, the Tigers overcame Ozzie Guillen’s characterization of the big leagues as being filled with LITTLE WEASEL GAMES by playing not like little weasels, but instead like BIG STRONG WOLVERINES. And we all know how amazing wolverines are.

I’m off to Toronto for the weekend, where I’ll be seeing the Jays/Yanks game on Saturday. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep in touch with the Tigers doings while in the northern lands. I’ll see you kids when I get back, and in the meantime, here’s one of my cats, Izzy, with a Placido Polanco bobblehead, simply because.

Click for big. As you can see, Tiger fever has infected all members of the RotT family.


3 responses to “weasel? we’ll show you weasel.

  1. No matter what, Ozzie makes for great copy. His exaggerations are reliably entertaining when they are not merely examples of bad behavior. This one was in the famous vein of “kids these days don’t have it like we used to.” Guys like Ozzie keep journalists busy.
    By the way, your cat looks just like mine!

  2. Actually, Sam, that quote that you highlighted is one of the few things on which I’ve agreed with Ozzie since he took the gig with the Sox. We loved guys like Gibby because they played so hard. That’s why the crowd went crazy when Thames broke up the DP last night.
    But, that said, as a former middle-infielder, there’s a way to protect yourself–throw through the runner and make him hit the dirt early. It’s good baseball.
    That said, screw Ozzie Guillen. The guy’s a loon.
    AJ, too.

  3. Oh, there’s no doubt that he’s entertaining. Utterly insane, but thoroughly entertaining.
    You have a Siamese? Right on!

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