1B 2B 3B HR

Carlos Guillen, proving that the ol’ knees still got it, hit for the cycle yesterday, in a evenly distributed offensive attack not seen on these stripey shores since Damion Easely (!) did it last in 2001 (!!).

Good for him. Especially the triple. Carlos is a good hitter, so there’s nothing surprising in the single, and he’s got some moderate pop, so the homer is understandable. But while he’s no Molina (take your pick), he’s also not the fastest guy out there, and to triple in a park other than Comerica is impressive. His double was apparently also a speed hit, since it wasn’t a standup double all the way and a conservative baserunner, or one who wasn’t gunning for the cycle, would’ve been content with a single.

Surely this lays the myth of lucky bat mojo to rest, though, doesn’t it?

Known for mostly using everyone’s bats but his own, Guillen said he used teammate Dmitri Young’s bat for his first two at-bats, Magglio Ordonez’s for his third, and yes, his own, for the last two. He’s not sure which one he’ll stick with in the future.

“[I use my own bats] sometimes, but just not every day,” he smiled.

official site article

Why even bother having your own bats if you prefer using everyone else’s? It is a mystery.

Anyways, I know it came against Tampa Bay, but since they beat us in the previous game I’m calling them a worthy opponent and giving all the credit to Carlos.

Woo cycle!


2 responses to “1B 2B 3B HR

  1. Carlos and Manny should hang out. They can each use the other’s stuff and they’ll both be happy.

  2. That could lead to trouble. We know Carlos likes sharing bats, but he might not have the same cavalier attitude about his pants.

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