Internet people emerge into sunlight; Tigers request they leave park, as their pasty skin reflects light and blinds batters

Do you love baseball? Do you love the Tigers? Do you love bloggers?

If your answers to those questions are Yes, Yes, and Maybe, then now is your chance to wallow in all three!

On September 5 an Escalade-load* of Tigers bloggers will be blessing Comerica Park with their (our) presence. I fully expect it to be the most exciting event of the season, by which I mean we’ll probably get rained out. But in the happy event that we do not get rained out, we will be sitting in mezzanine Section 212, Row 1. YOU, the cherished reader, are encouraged to join us in this area, or at least encouraged to get tickets elsewhere in the park and come up between innings to point and scream, “OH MY GOD INTERNET PEOPLE”.

No seriously, you’re Internet People too. You haven’t got a leg to stand on. Joiiiinnnnn ussssssss.

Who will be there? The current list includes Billfer, Ian, Brian, Greg Eno, Ryan, and The Bleacher Guy. Man, look at that list of veritable All Stars. I’m getting faint just typing all those addresses.

Oh, and me, o’course. It’s the first day of classes, so I plan on being a charming complete and utter wreck. But a complete and utter wreck with camera. Expect and possibly fear photos.

I am writing about this because that last game against Tampa Bay left a bad taste in my mouth, and Bonderman’s last start was so… I can’t even think of an appropriate adjective for that game, actually. But he’s pitching again tonight and I have The Irrational Fear. Hopefully he (and the REST OF THE TEAM who have an impact on the game through THEIR ABILITY TO FIELD BALLS CLEANLY OR NOT) will prove me wrong.

edit: Oh bollocks, Verlander’s missing his next start due to ‘a tired arm’. My very first reaction was to panic and gibber, but half a second later I realized, duh. Post All Star Break. Baby pitcher. Of course he’s tired; he’s never thrown this much in his life, probably, and certainly not at this level. I’m glad the Tigs are showing caution in handling him.

That said, great holy striped felines, this is scary if it persists.

*DISCLAIMER: Tigers bloggers are not actually arriving in an Escalade. However, the current number of Tigers bloggers planning to attend would comfortably fill an Escalade, so WE COULD IF WE REALLY WANTED TO.

7 responses to “Internet people emerge into sunlight; Tigers request they leave park, as their pasty skin reflects light and blinds batters

  1. Sounds like you all will have a good time. If you see a round character (me) making use of the public transportation, it’s me. As I always say, “I have a bus card, and I ain’t scared to use it!”

  2. Not to worry; as I understand it, resting Verlander now and then in the second half has been the plan all along. I’m glad to see it put into play, especially considering the fact that he was shelved for fatigue last year. We definitely want to treat him carefully, and if that involves starting Ledezma, well . . . uh, I don’t really wanna think about that, actually. I’m just glad I have plans for tomorrow and I won’t have to watch.

  3. Does anyone know why some, or most of the tigers wear the woven blue and orange fabric bandanas around their necks this year? are these just something the team has taken on as part of their uniform, or do they use some use, maybe dipped in water or ammonia water on hot days? I will have to admit that it is much better than the gansta gold ropes that baseball players love. it has always irritated me when i had to watch a pitcher or batter mess with his bling, sticking it back in his shirt every time he threw a pitch or stepped out of the box.
    i noticed saturday that DY needs one. his sliver rope blinded me temporarily
    ps – sweet blogsite, glad i found it.

  4. Lauren, yeah, if we see you lurking around we’ll give a shout. :)
    Cat, I know how it goes with kids… I mean, if this was last year? Unadulterated happiness that they’re treating him carefully. I didn’t even want him brought up last year, really. But with things are as they are right now, I want UNREASONABLE PERFORMANCES from all these guys. :P
    whitecapper, I’m not sure what you mean. D’you mean those Phiten necklace things? This stuff? I can’t recall seeing bandanas… although I’m not seeing too many of the games these days, mostly listening on the radio and following ’em online, what with geographic location being what it is an’ all.

  5. Samara, i did a search for phiten and that must be it. i had never heard of them.
    guess players will try anything to replace those greenies MLB banned.
    thanks for the help

  6. Well, THIS Detroit blogger rolls in a Honda Civic, so if you’re looking to upgrade your accommodations to an Escalade, that’s something we’ll have to discuss in the next couple of weeks, Samela.
    Now that I think about it, I COULD use the extra space in a car for all the 8 X 10 glossies I plan to sign at the game for my adoring public…

  7. Whitecapper, they’re very superstitious, basically. If you announce to a room full of baseball players that you have a special nose ring that protects against elbow injuries by redirecting the earth’s gravitational pull, at least a third will happily give it a go.
    Ian, we gon’ rock that Honda Civic like it’s an Escalade. w00t. etc.

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