deep, calming breaths

This is me, calmly accepting a series loss. It happens. The Tigers are but mortal men, crrrrazy as it seems these days.

The nagging annoyance here is that Bondo did pitch a good game, he did, despite the requisite early-inning jitters. He held his own against Johan “The So Very Good That I Cannot Think of a Flip Nickname for Him and His Pitching Goodness” Santana, who is still pitching very very well for someone who is not having a Johan Santana-like year. Indeed, Bondo was winning the battle (except for strikeouts, but really, who gets 10 Ks in 7 innings? Crazy people, that’s who).

And Nate threw a pretty darn good game the other night. So it’s a little jaw-grinding to lose and waste a couple of good pitching performances.

Vance Wilson cracks my kibble up, though.

“Morneau’s a free swinger,” Wilson said. “And he’s a very good fastball hitter, I don’t care how hard you throw one. That’s my fault. Joel’s a thrower. I should’ve called time, went out there to get Joel on the same page. He’s a young kid. I wanted to come up and in. Even though it was up, it was out over the plate.”

official site game recap

Ha ha ha, oh, Vance. Nice try. Yes, Morneau is a free swinger who sometimes has trouble recognizing pitches. He is also hitting .322 and slugging .604. If you throw it over the plate, pretty obviously Morneau is going to mash the stitching out of it. If Zoom lofted one down the middle of the plate, I do not think it’s because he wasn’t sure on your signs, buddy. It’s because he missed his spot. If he thought you were calling for a meatball down the center of the plate he probably would’ve shaken you off. He missed it. The spot. Where the ball should have gone. Missed. And we lost the game. It happens.

I guess it’s nice to see the veteran catcher trying to shield the rookie pitcher from the harsh realities of life, but c’mon now, Vance, give us (and the kid) a little credit.

edit: I assume that if you’re a cool kid you’ve seen this already, but just in case you haven’t, you need to go check out The Dugout’s latest Tiger-themed post. Because, to be totally honest here, it made me laugh so hard I almost threw up.


10 responses to “deep, calming breaths

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Agreed on Vance/Zoom/Morneau/etc. Even though I thought it was nice of him to try and stand up for the rookie. Joel’s post-game comment made me *sadface*. In re. the homerun, he said, “It killed me.” Sniff. Oh Joel.
    And that Alex they mentioned on the Dugout? Very well may be me. I better write back and point out that I’m not a dude. Ha.

  2. Ha ha, that happens to me all the time, since I’ve gotten so used to signing stuff ‘Sam’.

  3. I hate to disagree with everybody but I found Wilsons comments fascinating because I was thinking the same thing myself. After the emotional strikeout of Kudyer(spelling?) I yelled at the TV for Wilson to go talk to Zumaya and get a game plan for Morneau — the guy has Ortiz-like numbers this year. Even at 101 mph big league hitters will time you. The tigers have had success pitching Mourneau inside and you have to know that the the one thing you can’t do with him is give him fastballs up on which he can extend his hands. Vance didn’t hear me though.
    If guillen doesn’t try to bearhand that ball earlier it is a different game.
    The Twins scare me because their strenghs match up so well with our weaknesses. Especially in their joke of a stadium. I really wanted that game; it was so great to see Inge hit a (I thought) game winning homer

  4. Sam, I hope you are still calm after the first two games of the White Sox series.

  5. Yup, that’s what I’m sayin’. Maybe Vance going out to chat would’ve calmed some of Zoom’s nerves, that’s all I can think of. But it seems a lot more like Vance is just being the good soldier here and throwing his cheap, aged body in the way of the bullet for Zoom.

  6. Miguelito, I don’t think the problem was that Zumaya misREAD the sign. I think Vance DID call for it up and in, and Zoom just missed the spot when he was pitching. Vance going up and saying to him, “Hey dude, I want the next pitch up and in” wouldn’t have changed that. Y’know what I mean? I think it was less a breakdown in communication and more a breakdown in Zoom’s ability to spot that particular pitch right then, which happens to, uh, everyone.
    And it’s Cuddyer, but you can just call him The Cuddler and we know who you mean.
    Lee, see new post. I am calm, sort of, but by the length of it I think you can see how deranged this is all making me.

  7. ivantopumpyouup

    >>I don

  8. ivantopumpyouup

    Ooh, fun mental image! But I am in agreement with you here. I don’t see how telling Zumaya he wanted it up and in would have done anything for the location. Unless he located it better. *hands Vance a bulletproof vest* Good try.

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