Roar of the Tigers at Fenway: Game 2 of 3

Because it only seemed fair to alternate, most of the post about this game is over here at Blue Cats and Red Sox.

I just want to mention one thing over here that I didn’t mention over there. In the 7th inning, when the Tigers scored those two runs to (at the time) go ahead, I noticed a lot of little Tiger heads popping up over the edge of the dugout. So I turned my camera lens that way for a better look.

The first guy I saw was Verlander, leaning way out of the dugout. He was… chewing. He turned his head and I could see that in one cheek he had a massive, massive wad of gum. RALLY GUM. I looked to his left and saw Zach Miner, also… chewing! And, yes, just to the left of Miner, almost hidden by the dugout roof, there was Nate, chewing away.

RALLY GUM IN FENWAY. And that was the inning where they rallied and scored two runs.

I have seen Rally Gum in person and it is Good.

Photos from this game to come soon. I’m a little backlogged. You know how it goes; those 300 photos a night don’t go through themselves. I’ll update with them as soon as I’ve got ’em online and all.

Verlander/Wells tonight. Woo.


Photos from the second game all up here.


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