Consume! CONSUME!

Everyone needs to get the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. Verlander’s on the cover– although yo, SI, what’s up with the PAINFULLY OBVIOUS noise reduction you did on that shot? Couldn’t you have gotten a better photo? I mean, you’re Sports freakin’ Illustrated. I expect that kinda heavy-handed noise reduction on photos that I take (damn you, night games, damn yooooouuuu!), not a photography powerhouse like you. In fact, I think I can tell what software you used to do that.

There’s also, you know, an article. Which is headed by a photo of Verlander and Bondo that I could literally stare at for hours. It is so awesome. So soothing. Let their vacant stares and the baby blue background transport you to another land.

The article uses the Tiger cubs as a base camp but it’s more about young pitchers than the Tigers, really. Still a neat read. But this is just a heads up, in case you don’t get it at home, because if you don’t get these photos into your hot little paws, you’re missin’ out.


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