a thought on a rainout

Doubleheader tomorrow (today), and here’s something to chew on.

Two games on the same day means that we’re more likely to see more of the Yankee bullpen. They’ve been having their issues lately, not least of which is overuse and fatigue. This could be a very good thing. Basically, if we make them pitch Scott Proctor at all, it’s a small victory, because Scott Proctor has pitched in every game played this year basically and is [–] this close to having arm go all explodey.

Our pitchers need to listen to whatever it is that Kenny Rogers has to say and get their collective nuts gathered up for this series.

I guess the night game is nationally televised? I’ll try to watch it, but it’s my last night at home before headin’ out to jolly old Ann Arbor for the semester, so we’ll see. Hopefully, roommate and cable company willing, I’ll be seeing a lot more Tigers baseball very soon.


2 responses to “a thought on a rainout

  1. I say this not to hurt, but to facilitate discussion, Samela. How about if we get Farnsworth into the game? That’s been working for almost everyone else in the league this season. :)

  2. Hey, was I right about Proctor or was I right about Proctor? :P

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