insert obligatory “Miller time” joke here

Loss, win, loss. Eh, could’ve been worse. I was really furious after that first game… I hate wasting good pitching performances, but the second game of the doubleheader ended up calming the angry tiger. And I was traveling all day today so I didn’t get/have to watch or follow any of it. So I’m feeling moderately jolly about this series.

The coolest bit, other than Craig’s home run of sheer awesome, was getting to see the debut of Andrew Miller. I fired up when Gameday told me he was coming into the game specifically to watch him pitch and see what he could do.

That curve (slider? slurve?), wow. Talk about motion. The break on that thing was sick. I mean it was breaking way up and down all big floatin’ curveball style, but it was ALSO sliding side to side something fierce. As the sharp ball to the knee of a Yankee (Guiel, maybe? they’re all so anonymous now) showed, but hey, he’s a kid and it’s his first time up, he’s allowed to overthrow and bean a guy a bit before he settles in.

When he came out one of the coaches, I think Gene Lamont, walked over to him, put his hand flat on his chest, and starting taking his pulse, the indication being that his heart must’ve been going 100 mph, what with his first big league appearance and all. It was cute.

The cameras also zoomed in on his glove at some point (it was the YES Network broadcast, alas) and I was startled to see that he’s already got his name on his glove. I thought you had to, you know, do something before they started embroidering your gloves up special. Prospects these days, man.

So yeah. Nate looked good, Ledezma looked surprisingly good. It’s too bad about Bonderman. The poor guy only seems to pitch well these days when the offense is taking a nap. Maybe the way to do it is have the offense act real lethargic early, to trick him into thinking that’s what they’re going to be doing all game. Then when he starts pitching really well, which is apparently his reaction in these situations… BAM! offense. Someone call Leyland, it’s a baseball logic breakthrough.

The Horrible New Semester Move-in is tomorrow, so I must be off to sleep and prepare for the event. But I would like to leave you with an image… an image forever etched into my brain, sadly.

Is that not the worst thing you’ve ever seen? Egads. I’m glad I’m not a Yankee fan and don’t have to look at that atrocious crime against humanity every day.


3 responses to “insert obligatory “Miller time” joke here

  1. The Giambi ‘stache is comical. I don’t know how anyone can take him seriously with that thing.
    Mike McClary said on my blog that it’s apparently a tribute to Don Mattingly. I’m betting Mattingly has asked him to shave it off at least 25 times.

  2. No, if you look around the Yanks there are a bunch of them growing the little monsters. It started when Sal Fasano came on board; it’s some sort of rally-stache kinda deal. There was an article floatin’ around somewhere.

  3. Jason Giambi, porn star. That thought is enough to distrub anyone.

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